Teddy at 9 Months

Welp friends.  It's here: Ted is officially 3/4ths of a year old. HOW HOW HOWWWWW THO?!?!?

I seriously cannot believe it...because now we are officially racing towards the big ONE and I seriously feel like I just found out I was pregnant with him! GAH!!

This is the month with Patrick I started blogging...so at the end you can take a walk down memory lane with all 3 of the big kids if you'd like. YAY MORE READING! haha!

Anyways, Teddy turned 39 weeks old yesterday...which means just 13 more weeks of these lovely diaper snaps and then BAM! HE WILL BE ONE!

Ted really is a giant.  He's just as big at 9 months as Rosie and Patrick were...and they had 2+ pounds on him at birth! HOT DANG!  He was just a little butterball ham for our monthly photo shoot.

I told Mike when I was taking these that now I only have 3 months left of these snaps and then boom.  Done forever.  So bittersweet.  Gah.  I will miss doing these every month!

We don't head back to the doc for his 9 month checkup for a couple weeks, so...you guessed it!  Your favorite: my mom stats!!
  • Teddy weighs 22 pounds and 10 ounces...I'm guessing is around 30 inches long or so.  He's a big dude!  I think starting solids really has done him well...because he sure loves to eat!!
  • He is wearing mostly 18 month clothes...I have been able to sausage him into some 12 and 12-18 month clothes, but really 18 (and some 18-24) fit the best.  His beefy little things just need some bigger duds it seems and he seems really long so some are super tight to snap around his nether regions.
  • He hasn't met a food he doesn't like!  I mean, yes he has - he is not a fan (still!) of avocados, but everything else he seems to love.  Has started feeding himself more this month -- we still love the convenience of purees, but he seems to love to have anything we are having!
  • Has THREE teeth!  Three have popped through this month (two down below, one teeny tiny one up top) and three more seem to be about to pop through any time.  He's been a bit more fussy during the day, but other than that it really hasn't seemed to faze him getting those new chompers in.
  • Still a freaking amazing sleeper, even with having so many teeth pop through.  Teddy still takes one nap a day, usually like 12:30 - 3:30pm and then goes down for bed around 7:30ish and usually sleeps till 7:30/8 the next morning.  He is truly such a little gem sleeper and we could not be any more happy with how much that boy loves to sleep!  He wakes up so happy and in such a great mood and rarely cries when he gets up...so that's nice.  He does seem to love having Patrick in his room and waking up with him -- definitely brother besties!
  • Loves to nurse -- a lot!  I think COVID is to thank for that, since we are home SO MUCH and he gets maybeeeeeee 1-2 bottles a week...but dude just prefers to eat from the source, and I'm okay with it!  He's my last babe, so I'll go as long as he wants to with that.
  • Ted is still a very avid thumb sucker -- always his left thumb!  And he usually does it only when he's tired or upset...cause in that thumb goes!  It's wonderful though cause he's a master at self-soothing so that has been oh-so-nice since he stopped taking a pacifier around a few months old.
  • Sitting up like a pro, bending in every which way...but not moving...YET.  I honestly think we're on borrowed time with this cause I feel like I've seen him pop up in a crawling position more than once so I think it's only a matter of time before he's OFFFFFF!! GAH! Trying to savor the sitting up stage for now cause it's SO EASY (and my favorite!) and I know he'll be mobile and off before I know it!
  • Absolutely LOVES to stand!  Actually it's hard to get him to 'sit down' cause he loves having his legs locked and wanting to always stand up!  He is a pro at doing this against something and if you're holding his hand.  He's not doing it on his own...yet...but I'm sure that's just a matter of time.
  • Still battles this rash (methinks it eczema) that comes and goes.  Haven't pinpointed a trigger yet...cause it flares up at the most random times.  I am definitely going to ask his doc about it at his 9 month appointment!  He's got a few other patches it seems on his legs and tummy too that again, pop up super randomly.
  • Really loves his basket of toys (that will keep him occupied forever it seems!) and watching Baby Einstein or Seasme Street.  While nothing holds his attention indefinitely, those things do buy me a bit of 'solo' time to get stuff done while he's occupied.  The big kids are also wonderful about keeping him entertained when I need to get a few things done.  He did get a super cool Mustang walker this month and really loves to be in that and cruise around.
  • His big siblings are absolutely his most favorite people EVER.  They can make him laugh and giggle until he cries like no one else can!! It's the cutest thing EVER.
  • Nicknames still include: Ted, Tedster, Mister Tedster, Mister, Mister Man, Mister T, Tedward, Ted Bed, Ted Man, Teddy Bear, Bug, Teddy Graham...no shortage of nicknames around here for Ted!
And now for my most favorite part: comparison snappies!

And lastly, all of the kiddos at 9 months old!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for Teddy bear at 9 whole months old.  So excited to see what month 10 has in store for our littlest love!  Keep growing strong big man, we love you so much!

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