I have had some very precipitous (read: fast!) births lately!  My last two I made it to a whopping 90 seconds and then 60 seconds before each baby was born and OMG OMG OMG I am stillllllll riding the high from capturing those (and making it!).  I got to get a few pics of myself with the little lady who holds my 'fastest arrival after I get there' (60 seconds!!) award and that was super awesome.  Parker is just a little doll!

One of these deliveries mom asked me to share her full birth story album (check it out on FB here!) and alllllllll of the details of her delivery.  I realized I had never really done this before, and it was kinda awesome to give a really detailed glimpse into this mom's delivery.  Check out the link below to read allllllll about it!

Parker's Birth Story

I cannot express my love for Monique and Roy and their entire family for inviting me into their birth space to not only capture Parker's arrival, but allowing me to share it with the world!  It truly gives a glimpse into birth (and being a birth photographer) and, well, you all know how much capturing these stories and then getting to share them hold true to my heart. 

I have a couple more mamas due this month, and then a few more this fall before I wrap up my 2020 birth stories.  This is one of the downsides of 2020...I missed 10 birth stories due to COVID (thus far! hopefully no more!) and I know my bookings for births are down because of hospital restrictions and such. Praying SO HARD that things rebound in 2021 and I'll be back snapping a ton of birth stories like I have the past few years.  It totally makes me savor so hard the ones I do get to snap this year, that's for sure!

Like I said in my World Photography Day post, I truly do have the best job in the whole wide world.  Grateful each and every day for what I get to do and for my rockin' clients allowing me to capture and tell their stories!!

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