Fake Out.

So I shared yesterday about Pumpkin, our new dog we adopted.  How cute was she and Ted yesterday?!?!?

So darn cute, right!??!

Unfortunately, Pumpkin is no longer with us -- I dropped her back off at the shelter we adopted her from this morning.  We really LOVED her -- she had the sweetest disposition and was so cute and friendly, but her one {major} downside was her shedding.  We were told prior to adoption she didn't shed...but unfortunately we were mistaken and BOY OH BOY did she shed...a ton.  My allergies went haywire, lots of sneezing and runny nose and then capped off with hives on my arms from holding her.  It just wasn't going to work and I was so bummed...especially for the kiddos because they loved her SO SO SO MUCH. 

What a fake out, huh?!

She really is so darn cute and I know whatever family she ends up with is gonna hit the jackpot with her -- she truly is the sweetest!

I'm sure we'll find a forever pup soon...we are on the hunt now!  Obviously has to be non-shedding, but we know a dog gem (like Scoots was!) is out there!  Thanks for journeying on this oh-so-brief 36 hour venture with us!  I'm sure another furbaby will be on the way soon! :) 

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