Fall Family Photos, 2020

Just as we did last year with my dear friend Victoria, we got our family photos done this year with her again!  And oh boy oh boy, am I freaking OBSESSED with them!!

Before I saw all of these snaps, Victoria posted this on her FB page... and I about lost it.  It is just so perfect.  I cannot thank her enough for capturing all of our memories and ALL of my babies for us!!

I then got alllllll of our pics (you can see the whole album here!) back and I am just freaking over them.  They are SO GOOD.  They capture our family PERFECTLY and I am truly just so obsessed with them!  Victoria brought her buddy Katy to snap some pics for us and help with the kids/dog, and it was so perfect to have her there too!

Anyways, I picked out a few of my favorites from our session to share with you here!

Aren't these so good?! I mean, I am so biased but Victoria KILLED IT.  You can check out all of them here too!!  Now I need to get them printed and hung ASAPPPPPP!!

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