We Love This Dog.

We are just so darn obsessed with this dog.  She is absolutely the most perfect little (seriously. SO LITTLE! was just 1.9 pounds at the vet last week!!) addition to our family and I cannot tell you how obsessed we all are with this sweet girl.

She must have high fived Scoots on her way down because she is so chill, loves these kids more than anything, and will seriously put up with any and everything we do with her.  She's the best little pup EVERRRR!

I was dying the other day when ^^^ this was happening...

I mean, is that not the cutest thing ever?!  Ted is hit or miss with her (some days he loves her some days he can't crawl away fast enough from her. haha!) but was all about her and the dollhouse this day.  So darn adorable.  She really is like a little toy!

No real point to this post other than we are just obsessed and so so so smitten with our Sunny (Sunflower!) pup and are so excited to see all of her adventures she gets into going forward :) 

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