Teddy Hates Bubbles

For whatever reason, Ted is not a fan of bubbles.

Like WHAT?!  All kids like bubbles!  But not Ted...he is so indifferent to them and truly seems almost annoyed at them when we turn them on.  It is so wild.

I mean, he truly couldn't care less about them.  It's so funny!

The big kids love turning the bubble machine on and playing in it and what not...but Teddy truly doesn't seem to care at all about it...and it's kind of the most hilarious thing EVER. 

Now, the big kids on the other hand...they LOVE bubbles and nearly every morning before they get on their Zoom calls they run outside in the driveway and put the bubble machine on.

I am so going to miss these little events once it starts to get cold out...trying to hang on to the wonderful fun of summer at home as long as we can!

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