Snappin' Patrick

During one of the big kids' virtual learning school breaks, I had out my camera and was taking some pictures of Teddy (guilty...was trying to get a good picture of that meatball's thighs!) -- and Patrick asked if he could take my camera and take some pictures too.  DUH! OF COURSE!

I snapped a few with my iPhone...and then actually was in front of Patrick's lens!  I just love love LOVE seeing what he captures, and then obviously helping him pick out his best pics and edit them too!!

I mean, aren't these adorable!?!?  I just love that he got a few pics of Teddy eating, and then me comforting Teddy too (cause #reallife) after he fell and bumped his chin on the ground.

These are probably my favorite though -- so many giggles with Ted and Ro on the couch!

We then attempted a selfie, which even though not everyone is in focus, I kinda love!  Super impressive for a big camera selfie, huh?!

I truly say this all of the time when I share Patrick's snaps...but I sure hope he never loses this desire to pick up a camera (or phone with a camera!) and capture life!  It is literally my favorite thing ever, seeing the world through my children's lens.

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