GoPro at the Pool

It's no secret I love any and all things photography related. One of my favorite (new to me) gadgets is my GoPro.  I freaking love it.  We got it back in March and I've been in love ever since.

Well, recently it's been getting a LOT of use at the pool--which I love, because it takes way better pics than my underwater point and shoot I had AND I feel like the case is indestructible which makes me a little more at ease bringing an electronic gadget into the water.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite pics from our recent pool adventures--both at our local pool and down at my aunt Kate's pool at her lake house.  Obviously our little fearless fish Patrick pretty much steals my GoPro camera show, butttttt I tossed in a few of Rosie and her staple look for your viewing pleasure as well.  You're welcome.

Even though my summer is winding down (noooooo! Let's not talk about how I only have TWO weeks left and just promptly move on) I hope I'll be able to capture even more fun summery moments with my two burritos--both in and out of the pool.  Stay tuned friends!

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