Summer: Please Stay FOREVER.

First off, I absolutely hate that I'm even writing this post.  My summer is officially coming to an end in about a week and a half (WAHHHHH!) and I want to preface that I am going to try and still blog as much as possible, but know that that may very well not happen with being back in the swing of working full time and having 2 kiddos.  I'm going to try my best!

Anyways, this summer has definitely been the best one ever (and I'm pretty sure I said this same thing last summer too.  Ha!  It just keeps getting topped!) and I really don't want it to end.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and the people I work with, but this summer has been wonderful and amazing and I wish it could last forever.  But, alas, it comes to an end in a few short days.  Boo freaking hoo.

Anyways, we've had a great week thus far--Patrick has swim lessons this week and next, and our buddy Emma is in the same swim class as Patrick!  Mike is on evenings, so he's been able to spend the mornings with us at swim lessons (aka watching Rosie and Oliver), have lunch, and then put the kiddos down for a nap before he leaves for work.  As much as I HATEEEEEE when he works evenings, it is marginally better with him on evenings during the summer when I'm off and can spend the mornings with him.

We have been trying to savor every day doing fun stuff as a family and with our buddies. Rosie and Oliver have been getting quality time together, mostly staring at each other or sleeping, and Patrick and Emma have really become good buddies.  It is so cute watching them play together and talk.  Cracks me up!

Unrelated to nothing, I want to point out that I was successfully able to breastfeed Rosie in my Tula the other day.  Ummm, GAME CHANGER.  This is amazing and I was able to walk around with Ann at Cotton Babies feeding her (and no one even knew it!) while we browsed for new cloth dipes for Ollie--since he's starting to use cloth now!  Woot!

One perk of Mike working evenings: our favorite donut joint is open when he gets off!  So we are treated to our favorite donuts a'many'a days and everyone is happier for it, Rosie included.

I thought I'd share a lovely pic of Scootie from last week: bacon imitating life...or life imitating bacon?!  Whatevs.  A cute pic nonetheless and mad props to Scoots for staying still to pose for this pic.  He's quite talented, don't you think?!  He was handsomely rewarded with bacon dog legs when we were finished.

We have a big weekend coming up: a good friend's wedding tomorrow, Patrick and Rosie's first night away TOGETHER sleeping over at the grandparents, a very special (and STL famous! :) breakfast guest on Saturday morning (which I'm leaving you in the dark about and will hopefully blog about later this weekend!!), and then Patrick's first Cardinals game Monday night.  Really, it's going to be a great weekend (Mike's off until Tuesday! WOOT!) and great start to my last week of summer vacation.  

We are going to really live it up this last week and savor all of the time we can have together before the school year starts...and I start counting down until Christmas break.  Ha!

I'll leave you with a lovely resting bitch face picture of Rosie, cause that's how she rolls most days.  Enjoy.

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