Taking Stock

These taking stock posts are becoming my favorite to blog, because, as I probably sound like a broken record here--oh well, they force me to reflect on the now through a list of verbs.  Oh, how I love these posts, and I'm sure you all do too, right?!  RIGHT.  Good.  Here's another one, Wednesday-last-one-of-my-summer/maternity-leave-edition for you.

Making: A list of what I need at the grocery store, specifically lunches for me for next week when I'm back at school.  Since I'll probably not be frequenting the cafeteria much (that'll be pumping time), I'll be eating in my office--which has a mini fridge and microwave--so I need lunch ideas now that I can eat in my office.  I'm sure I'll just be boring and do hot pockets or something easy :)

Cooking: Nothing, as usual.  It is SO HARD to get myself motivated to cook if it's just me and Patrick for dinner.  Mike's on evenings, so it's easier to pop in a pizza, order dinner, go out, or, like tonight, invite ourselves over to my parents for dinner.  BOOM.

Drinking: Ice cold milk with quads--aka, double stuffed Oreos stacked together.  Totally my afternoon snack of choice.  Don't judge, it's so delish.

Reading: Not yet, but it's sitting on my nightstand to start reading, Go Set a Watchman.  I'm pretty jazzed about it, and have kind of put off starting it cause I know I'll finish it super fast just like I did with To Kill a Mockingbird.  I love a good book!

Wanting: My birthday {August 9th} to get here, is that weird?!  It's my 30th, and I know a bunch of people dread it cause "buh-bye 20s" but shooooot, I'm excited about it!  Bring it on!  My 20s are going to be tough decade to beat, but I'm sure my 30s will give them a run for their money!

Looking: At fabrics from Spoonflower that I'm going to order for my new Oh My! (Wizard of Oz themed) Tula my mom is getting me for my birthday.  Above are the 2 I think I'm going to order to have suck pads and a hood made to go along with this adorable Tula.  I cannot wait for them to get here!

Playing: A few new "movie tunes" on iTunes to see if they're going to make the cut for my classroom playlist for this year.  When my students are working on projects I like having music playing, and I always like movie theme songs to play.  Themes from The Hunger Games and Jurassic Park are my current faves.

Wishing: This summer would stay foreverrrrrrr, as I blogged about earlier last week.  It has been so much fun, especially with RB faced Rosie at the pool and hurricane Patrick who doesn't want to follow directions at swim lessons and instead wants to just jump off the side of the pool over and over and over and over again.

Enjoying: The peace and quiet of nap time, hence why I'm doing this post!  Haha!  Mike actually woke up from his siesta about 20 minutes ago and hustled off to work, but Rosie and Patrick are still snoozing away.  Wonder how much longer I'm going to get (and if I'll be able to finish this post!) before the minions wake up.

Loving: Having two little bebes.  Way back a lifetime ago in April I posted about living a dream, and I can say I still echo the sentiment, but maybe so even more now.  I absolutely love having two little kiddos, one boy and one girl, and most days I find myself pinching myself thinking I'll break out of this 'dream', but don't, and just am hap hap happy that this is my life.

Pondering: If I'm going to try and tackle running to the grocery store with both kiddos when they wake up orrrrrr if I can put it off for one more day and go before Mike goes to work tomorrow morning. Ahhh, decisions, decisions.

Considering: How much I need this this custom Scooter shirt--and, duh, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NEED IT.  Now.  Ha!  Mike actually ordered it for me for my birthday!  I took the above picture and the company digitized it to the cartoon looking one that will be on my shirt.  I cannot wait to get it!  EEEKKKKK!

Watching: Old ER episodes...still.  Gosh, I freaking love this show!  I started watching old episodes (thank you Apple TV!) starting with season 4 this April and now am almost finished with season 12.  It has been my go-to naptime show this summer and I love love love it!  I'll probably continue to do it during the school year when Mike's on nights and I need something to watch when the burritos go to sleep.

Needing: 2 things: a similar case to Patrick's green one for my iPad mini--cause I'm going to format that for Rosie (hashtag: spoiled techie kids!)...I actually just ordered it and it'll be here tomorrow!  Thank you Amazon Prime!  And a new tire.  We got up yesterday and noticed my tire was completely flat!  Woops!  Mike luckily put the spare on, took it to work and ran by the place he got my tires and they patched it for him for free!  How nice was that?!

Wearing: My uniform: yoga pants, nursing tank, and flip flops.  All day, every day.  I am most definitely not looking forward to having to wear actual clothes come next week!  Luckily I've found some "smock" (as Mike calls them) tops that are loose and forgiving on my postpartum bod and some oh so comfy (yet professional looking) capris and khakis.

Following: The Eh Bee family--um, have you seen them?!  Freaking hilarious.  I'm pretty sure I've watched the pinned video at the top of their Facebook page a thousand times.  And now I follow them on Instagram and YouTube (and Facebook, duhhhh) and can always rely on them for a good giggle.

Noticing: How much Rosie looks like this cartoon hot dog.  Seriously.  I was dyingggggg when I saw that hot dog pic next to hers.  So darn funny.  She is very hot dog like, don't you think?!!  Hehehe.

Feeling: Ready to go back to work.  Obviously I'd LOVE to be able to stay home with my churros all day every day, but financially that's not in the cards...so, back to work I go!  And I think I'm mentally and physically, almost 17 weeks postpartum, ready to go back.  Don't get me wrong I'm going to miss them like crazyyyyyy, but having to go back to work will make my time (and our family time!) together with them on the weekends and evenings that much more special.

Admiring: How cat like Scoots is.  Seriously.  What dog sits like this?!  This is how I found him (obviously he was shocked) this morning after I got the kiddos up.  Gahhhh, such a little feline trapped in a canine's body.

Sorting: Diapers and regular laundry, all day everyday.  'Tis my life's story lately!  But I don't mind at all, I actually enjoy doing laundry, especially diaper laundry!  I am crazy, I know.

Buying: A few more lovely 3ply Applecheeks inserts (our faves!!) for our diapers.  Whenever I order something from Amazon or my fave boutique Lil' Tulips, I always add an extra insert onto our order so hopefully one day we can have all 3ply inserts as what we primarily use, cause they hold up the best to my heavy wetters.

Getting: A bit anxious about the school year starting, and it doesn't have anything to do with being off for almost 4 months!  This happens every single year I've taught--and I'm going into year 8 (what?!!) of teaching and I ALWAYS get anxious (and excited!) about the new school year.  Sometimes I can't even sleep I have so much racing through my head about the new year!  Haha!  Tis the life of a teacher.

Bookmarking: A few fall photoshoot ideas for a few sessions I have booked AND a family session I'm going to do with my family.  I'll use a tripod and my Apple watch as a timer for our family pics, but mostly I want pics of the kiddos (probably in October when Rosie is 6 months old and sitting up--hopefully!) and some of Mike and the kids--and he can get some of me and the kids.

Disliking: This hot hot hot weather in STL lately.  Seriously, the summer was either rained out or so hot and muggy!  Gahhhhh!  I'm sure I'll be yearning for warm weather this winter when I'm complaining about how cold it is, but still, STL is bipolar with its weather: it seems to be one extreme or the other!  Ha!

Feeling: Very lucky to be this little lady's mama (and Patrick's too!) and that I can provide milk for her and other babies too.  It's been such a joy to create such a bond with her nursing, and it feels pretty darn good to be able to pump so much and be able to provide others with mama's milk.

Snacking: On Oreos!  Still!  It's kinda hard to eat and type...so, once I finish this I'm going to tear into my stack of Oreos like a famished beast.

Coveting: These last few days at home with my babes.  We have oodles planned with the pool and what not, and I'm trying to savor it all before school and reality hits on Monday.  Wish me luck!

Wishing: Scoots would stop using the living room as his own personal toilet.  Seriously.  So annoying.  I mean, I'm glad he goes in there (easier to clean up on the hardwood) than the rug in the family room, but stillllll.  Come on Scoots!  You're 10 years old and house trained!  --Although I think he does it on purpose out of spite--can you say jealous of the two little humans he calls brother and sister?!

Helping: A few fellow teacher friends with some Google stuff for their school years.  I LOVE Google and I love even more being able to share the Google love with others.  Heck, I am a Google Certified Teacher after all!

Hearing: The soft snoozing breathing sounds of my babes asleep in their cribs in their rooms.  I have amazing ears--or mom ears, as Mike calls them--I swear I can hear EVERY SINGLE THING my kids do, even through multiple walls.  Just try me.  

That's about all I've got for Taking Stock today...until my next post...have a great one friends!

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