Rosie's 4 Month Check-Up

Ro Ro turned 4 months old yesterday and today she had her 4 month check up!

The last time we took Rosie to the doc for her well visit was at 2 months old, and she was a chunkkkkkkkkster then.  Short and chubby and oh-so-cute!  I weighed her a few days ago for her 4 month stats and she was right at 18lbs and (I guessed) 25 inches long.

Turns out Ro Ro gained 6 ounces in the 48 hours since I weighed her (!!!) and my guesstimate was right: she's a half an inch over 25 inches long!  Girlfriend is a chunkster.

The nurse seemed "concerned" after weighing her and commenting that she's gained 4 pounds since her last visit, and asked me twice if I was *sure* she wasn't getting any formula and/or food.  Um, no.  Just my milk.  I just have big babies, deal with it.

Once our doc came in Rosie for a glowing report for all of her milestones...minus rolling over.  I asked the doc if we should be concerned since she hasn't done this yet, and she flat out said, "No.  Not at all, and I'm going to let you in on a little secret: big babies like Rosie have a really hard time {duhhh} getting their bodies to roll, so they're usually late to the game, but they'll do it on their own time."  Okay then, I won't worry about it :)  I did get commended for my extreme pumping, so that felt good and confirmed to me that all of my time I'm hooked up to the pump (and not wanting to do it sometimes!) is worth it.  Thanks doc.

Ro Ro had to get two terrifying (for me, naturally) shots and an oral vaccine.  She actually didn't even wince or flinch when the first one was jammed into her awfully meaty thigh, but the second one I guess was "felt" because she screamed bloody murder.

Butttttttttt she calmed down like 3 minutes later and was a happy little clam the rest of the afternoon.  She actually got the same shots she got at 2 months and was fine the rest of the day with those, so we're anticipating (and hoping!!) for the same reaction later tonight.

'Twas a fun little Friday afternoon for miss Rosie!  I'll be curious to see how much this meatball chunks up when we take her in two months for her 6 month check up...stay tuned!  You know ol' broken record here will report on it just for you :)

Have a great weekend friends!

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