What. A. Week.

Ummmm, holy busy week.  SERIOUSLY.  This was a busy one: I am back to work full time, and Mike is on days (for one more week!), so we both were working during the day this week and the kiddos were with sitters.  I am officially exhausted.  And pooped.  And worn out.  And school--with the students there--hasn't even officially begun! Woooooof.

Yup. ^^^  Pretty much sums up my sentiments for this past week and working.  It was tough.  I was trying to get a SMILING picture of both burritos for my mom and neither of them were having it.  Rosie with her permanent RB face and Patrick oh-so-mad at me for taking his picture monkey and (the nerve!) making him sit there with his sister for a pic.  Ha!  At least it made for a funny collage pic, amiright?!

Rosie turned 18 whole weeks old last Monday (WHAT???!!) and wasn't smiley at all for her weekly pic.  Lovely.  BUT!  I have a fantabulous idea for her 19 weekly pic on Monday (I may have stolen borrowed the idea from somewhere else....) as well as a #TBT next Thursday pic too.  Just you wait people, just you wait.

I also noticed that I haven't blogged all week long either--since my 30th birthday post on Monday, which is soooo not like me, but definitely screams BUSY ALEX.  Yeppers, busy busy busy.  My freetime after work has been spent playing with the kiddos instead of blogging, and I apologize for my lack of posts (or heck, are you cheering that you didn't have to read my rambling word garbage all week long?!).  Anywho, here's a lovely little all over the place weekly recap just for you.  You're welcome.

I *think*??? Rosie may be teething.  Maybe.  What do I know.  But girlfriend is drooling like crazyyyyyy lately, always has her hand/fingers in her mouth and kinda fussy--like always wants to be held.  Luckily she is still sleepin' like a freaking rockstar (both for naps and bedtime), so I can't complain about the extra snuggles when she's awake.  If I remember Patrick got his bottom 2 teeth shortly after he turned 5 months old, so it wouldn't surprise me if Rosie is getting some teeth as well.  You KNOW I'll be reporting that as soon as it happens, cause that's how I roll.  Little lady is loving her Oreo teether her buddy Ann got her!  (As am I--it clips on!  She can't lose it!  Woot!)

Since our yard is full of trees and shade and has ZERO palace to hang a clothes line, we will occasionally dry diapers on our drying rack, but the one we have it super old and always tips over...but I found this lovely one on the Amazon for a mere $30 (a steal!) and it's amazing and doesn't tip over and gets the job done: free bleach of our beloved nappies!  Woo hoo!  So we're back to sunning the dipes as much as possible, cause they really get soooo much cleaner and smell sooooo good when they spend a few hours in the sun.

These two had a blast lately in the bath tub...especially now that Patrick has discovered the foam soap.  Their dual bath time each night is some of my favorite time--Rosie absolutely adores her big brother--always smiling and happy with him, and Patrick loves playing with her and making her giggle.  It is so cute to watch them interact together--definitely a highlight of some of my more stressful and busy days.

I snapped a few beautiful pics of the puffy white clouds and blue sky this past week during lunch at work.  It was absolutely gorgeous this past week (low humidity!  mid 80s! woo hoo!) and I hated that I was stuck inside all day and not outside with the burritos playing in the gorgeous weather, but hopefully this fall will have some nice days as well that we can take advantage of after school and on the weekends.

We did go to one of our favorite restaurants last week and Patrick thoroughly enjoyed the game room and (not) playing the car games.  This kid is all boy and loves anything with wheels and moves. 

 My aunt Kate gave me this quilt for my birthday and I can't stop taking adorable pics of my kiddos (mostly Rosie, she's the most cooperative as of late) laying on it in the sunlight.  I just love love love IT.  So I apologize for the spam lately with this quilt background, but I can't help it.  It's just my fave.

We went and visited Goose one evening last week at the Pond and it was sooooo nice out we sat outside with her in the courtyard for a long time.  Patrick loved running around trying to find the turtle (spoiler: he found it in the corner) and Goose was just soaking up her time holding Ro Ro.  It was just the greatest, and I love how my kiddos get to grow up seeing their great grandmother all the time.

Again, back to gorgeous weather, Patrick got to have some water table (his new favorite thing--really I think he likes the hose more but he knows he won't get to play with the hose unless the water table is out--smart one he is) playtime and I got to sit outside with Rosie and enjoy the gorgeousness.  It's now nasty and hot again and I miss last week's weather oh-so-much.

I had to create a sign for my pumping room (justtttt in case someone decides to walk in, even though the door is locked) and I got a bit creative.  Not really.  I guess I just spent too much time this summer watching Despicable Me with Patrick.  Oops.

Patrick and Rosie get to have so much fun (still!  The nerve!) when we're at work, and last week was no different: they had a few buddies over to play, and got to spend some time with their cousin Lizzy at the pool.  They have the best babysitters (family) EVERRRR.  And I'm way jealous when I'm sitting in my office and am getting texts of all their fun.  BUT, I'd rather be jealous and see what they're doing all day than get nothing at all.

Truffle shuffle.  Do I need to say more?!  HILARIOUS.  Rosie's got it down pat.  OR she's practicing for Girls Gone Wild (Ha! I KID.  She best never be doing this when she's older!!).

Both taken right around 4 months, and both have that same adorable smile and dimple.  Maybe they are related, after all?!  Cause most of the time they look nothing alike to me, but then they go and launch a big smile and I see SOOOO MANY similarities.

Rosie still hasn't rolled over (#lazy), yet she's started to be able to sit up (support, obvi) more and more!  Girlfriend has a strong core, if I'd say so!  It wouldn't surprise me if she's sitting up unsupported before she flops over.

I got this AWESOME cup/mug from my brother and sister in law for my birthday and it's my new favorite thing, probably cause it's the same lens that I have on my camera, except it's a mug!  How sweet is that?!!  I need to do a side by side...coming soon.

Ro Ro and Scoots are quickly becoming besties.  I think Scoots likes her the best right now cause she doesn't whack him with objects, shares his love for laziness, and lets him lick her.

This week was just busy busy--we seemed to have something going on every night and with both of us working it just made for the evenings that much busier, but I do like Mike being home in the evenings and having family time together, cause that's the bestest.

Well, that's about all I've got for this jumbled, all over the place weekly recap, that really wasn't a recap but more so a jumbled mess of me explaining pictures.  Naturally.  Oh, and here's an adorable pic of Patrick wearing Mike's sunnies for me to leave you with.

Have a great rest of your weekend friends!

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