Tula Lovin'

I have fallen completely in love with my Tula baby carriers.  Yes, carriers-plural.  We have 4 (!!!).  OMG.  Never would I ever have thought we'd have more than one.  But yes, we indeed have enough for every member of our family, and two of us can't wear them, just be worn in them!

I really wish I'd have known about these magical baby carrying devices with Patrick.  We had a baby bjorn, but used it maybe twice cause it hurt my back and was a pain in the butt to get on by myself.  My lovely friend Tiff told me when we were both pregnant with our seconds how she was going to get a toddler Tula for her 1.5 year old son Huck, because her Ergo hurt her back and the Tulas were suppose to be more comfortable, especially for this farm family when it's easier to toss him on the back than let his run all over the farm when you're trying to get chores done.  I decided I was going to baby wear with #2 way more than I did with Patrick (primarily out of convenience so I'd still have 2 hands free to wrangle my wild child 2 year old), so I went ahead and ordered a standard Tula (which goes from newborn (with an insert) to 45lbs) as well.

Welllllllll, wouldn't you know it?!  I fell completely in love with my Tula.  Like hardcore.  It was my favorite baby item, and I'd toss Rosie in that when we were out and about doing errands, at the Zoo, around the house so I could get stuff done--everywhere.  And it was oh-so-comfortable to wear Rosie, and even Patrick on my back.  Wayyyyyy more comfortable than the silly Baby Bjorn was, and it was super easy to get either kid on--front or back--by myself.  Um, SOLD.  Seriously, if the carrier is not only comfortable to wear but easy (and fast!) to put on?!  Give me one now.  Cause that's a mama game changer if you ask me.  And did I mention they come with sleepy dust?!  Not kidding.  Give Rosie 10 minutes in the Tula and she's out like a light.  Instant calmer and nap-inducer.  If I can't get her to calm down or she's super fussy (early teething???), in the Tula she goes and BOOM.  She's as happy as a little lark.  #Momwin.

Shortly after Ro Ro was born, I decided we needed another one so I could keep one in my car and one in Mike's car--genius, right?!  Right.  So I went ahead and ordered another one (which that alone is a task because there are so.many.different.options! of fabric choices out there!).  So we had a Prepster (green and blue chevron) and a Travel Bug (post card looking one).  And, of course I had to get accessories (suck pads (aka things that go on the shoulder straps to catch any baby, um, 'nawings' on them) and a hood (which holds their little heads in place in case they fall asleep, or doubles as a sun shield for their noggins)) as well.

Oh, and did I mention they're nursing friendly?!  I've been able to successfully nurse, as see in the pic above (or not seen, cause unless I told you you wouldn't know I was doing that!), many times and it is amazing.  I can continue my shopping with BOTH HANDS and feed my kid at the same time.  Holy amazing multitasking.

Naturally a few friends have jumped on the Tula train as well, and it's amazing.  I think they love their baby carrier as much as I do, and it's so fun to have someone else to chat about the crazy other Tula mamas out there and the shenanigans they post about in our Tula groups on Facebook.

Which, speaking of FB group, it's the 'thing' that if you see another person wearing a Tula, you yell out, "Tula in the Wild!" (TITW) to them, and they are suppose to "Caw Caw!" back at you.  My friend Ann and I have done this once (at Target, the Tula mama's mecca) and it was so much fun (read about it back on this post from July :).  I have seen others wearing Tulas, but I always am too chicken to yell out TITW at them...maybe one day I'll muster some confidence.  I'm just scared they're gonna look at me like I have 5 eyes and not know what the heck I'm talking about.  Ha!  Maybe I should do it just to get a good story out of it?!  Stay tuned :)

Did I mention my amazing hubby Mike likes to babywear as well?!  He knows how much I am in love with these carriers (almost as much as I love cloth diapers!) and has totally jumped on board and offered to wear both kiddos as well.  It makes me fall in love with him all over again seeing him wear our little kiddos -- and enjoy doing it!

We now have 4 Tulas -- YIKES, right?!  Probably excessive, but oh well.  We do use THEM ALL.  2 of them stay in our cars, one of them (the 'Oh My!' lion print) stays in the house, and we just recently got a Toddler Rockets Tula that Patrick fits a lot better and more comfortably in (goes from 25 - 50lbs!).

We are 100% a baby wearing and Tula lovin' family!  And yes, we still use a stroller too :)  But!  For things like our vacay in November to Florida we have planned, we won't be able to take our single or double strollers cause they're gigantic and won't fit in our car with our luggage, so guess what we'll bring instead to haul our kiddos around?!  Our Tulas :)  Like I said before, they are so easy to put on by yourself, and are so comfortable when you're wearing them.  If you're in the market for a carrier for your babe (or future babe), definitely check out Tulas.  You will not be disappointed, I promise!

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