This is 30.

Yesterday was my 30th birthday.  30 is a big milestone, and, to be honest, it feels pretty darn good...and about the same as 29...and 28...and 27...and so on felt!  Ha!  Guess I don't notice age too well, do I?!  Whatevs.  Also!  Please note that for the first time everrrrr in our relationship Mike and I are in the same age decade.  Woo hoo thirties!

Anyways, so I'm thirty whole years old now, and, as a friend pointed out, entering my fourth (what?!!) decade of life.  Crazy sauce.  My twenties brought me many awesome things: legal drinking age, bachelor's and master's degrees, high school athletic hall of fame, Scoots, a hubby, and two beautifully perfect kiddos, among a gazillion other things I can't remember right now (hashtag exhausted from being back at work).  However, I am more than diving into my thirties knowing that it will be the best decade yet (although my twenties are definitely gonna be hard to top!).

So!  How did I celebrate my 30th birthday?!  The best way I could: a day devoted to celebrating with friends and family.  It.was.awesome.

First off, I wanted to share these pics...cause, how awesome are they?!  Mike is totally a Tula dad (he secretly loves wearing our babies!) and I finally mastered Tula tandem-ing and it's my new favorite thing.  I will be taking a target trip soon with both kids in tow...stand by for that selfie.

We actually celebrated on Saturday evening with our good buddies, and Sunday with family.  And, I didn't get a single picture from Saturday night! WHATTTT?! So unlike me.  Anyways, Mike wanted to throw me a big party, but I said no.  Honestly, I'm party-hosted out (cause, duh, it'd be at our house) and didn't want to deal with the mess or what not.  I told him I didn't want to do anything, but he insisted, so we settled on reserving a table at my favorite Kirkwood restaurant (we're there like once a week...or more. ekkk!) and had our buddies come eat with us there.  It was so fun, and a great time to be able to just chit chat with our friends!  Afterwards some of us walked over to Strange Donuts for dessert before we were all home by 9pm.  LAMEEEE and we're officially old.  Ha!

Anyways, so Sunday, my actual birthday, Mike took off (!!!) and we planned for a fun family day.  Mike had gotten me my favorite donuts from John's in Soulard AND my favorite chocolate covered strawberries from Merb's for my birthday.  I destroyed those!  Ha!  They're my fave, and Mike sure knows the keys to my heart: food.

Scooter and the kiddos got me the coolest shirt from Pop Your Pup--it's a Scooter shirt!  So naturally I wore it all day and got a picture snapped with Scooter in his sunnies posing with me.  How awesome is that shirt?!

We got the kiddos ready and headed to the pool first thing Sunday morning--we don't know how many pool days we'll have left this summer (wahhhhh!!!), so we're trying to take advantage of any warm days when we're all home together to go.

After an hour or two at the pool, we decided to get pizza for lunch, mostly so I could take this pic and make this meme:

HA-LARIOUS, right?!  Right.  I may have stolen the idea from somewhere else, but, still funny.  Makes me giggle every time I see it.  Ha!

After naps (all around!!), Rosie got fancied up (and lookin' wayyyyy older than her 4 months!) and we headed over to my mom and dad's for my birthday dinner.  My mom made this amazing lasagna with cheesy bread and caesar salad (my fave!).  Both my side and Mike's side were over and it was great getting to celebrate with all of them!

I was spoiled by some great company, and also some great gifts!  My aunt Kate gave me this quilt she made (that Rosie is laying on) that I've been eye-balling and begging her for (and I love love love oh so much!  It might be my new newborn photoshoot prop!!), and my lovely mother-in-law Kathy gave me a Wizard of Oz pillow she made!  I also got some other fun things--Mike got me a snow cone maker and Apple Watch (dual gift there :).

We then got home to a crazy storm and was sooooo glad our power didn't go out and everyone slept well before we all had to go back to work today (boo hiss).

All in all it was a fantastic 30th birthday all around.  I don't feel any older (heck, I don't think I've ever felt older, I think I'm still 15 at heart), but I'm determined to make my thirties my best decade yet.  I wonder what they entail?  More kids?  New opportunities?  Another degree?  World travels?  Gahhh, the sky's the limit!  Bring it on 30s, I'm ready for ya!

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