Blowin' Raspberries

Along with turning 6 months old this week, cutting TWO teeth, Rosie has learned a new parlor trick: blowing raspberries.

This week has been a week of funny video captures for my kiddos: first Patrick vs. the Goat, which has over 10,000 views on YouTube thus far (WHATTT?!!) as well as made it onto our local news (watch here)...and now Rosie blowing some very intense raspberries.

I've tried for the past several days to capture it on camera--but I swear, as soon as she seems me whip out my phone, she stops.  GAHHHH!  Well last night I was driving home from dinner and my brother Charlie was in the back seat with the kiddos and he was able to capture some serious raspberry blowing on camera...which, a lot of people apparently thought was fake and she wasn't really making the noises!  I assure you that it was in fact Miss Rosie doing that!  Side note: I think she's gonna be an early talker--she chatters up a storm way more than Patrick ever did, including blowing raspberries--something Patrick STILL hasn't ever done!  Anyways, enjoy this (biased! I know!) adorable video of Rosie blowing some serious raspberries.

OH!  And I did post this vid on FB too with the caption: What Rosie thinks of the Cubs.  Ha!  How fitting!  Game 1 of the NLDS starts TONIGHT and it's against the Cardinals biggest rival, the Chicago Cubs.  What a fun series it's gonna be!  Happy Friday friends!

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