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First off, it's OCTOBER FIRST.  Seriously, how did this happen?!  It's fall.  Summer is officially over, and I'm almost 1/4th of the way done with the 2015-2016 school year.  WHATTTTT?!  Time is really truly flying by.  Let's just bypass reallllll quick the fact that Rosie will be 6 months old on Tuesday.  OMG.  I can't even go there now.  Moving on.

I'm still super excited my post for Upworthy went live this week and that there have been an outpouring of support and cape purchases (!!!) for TinySuperheroes.  Seriously, if you haven't bought a cape yet, GO DO IT!  It's the best feeling EVER to empower a kiddo who really truly needs a cape.  I wish I could buy a million of them!

So I had TWO photoshoots Sunday night and they both went AMAZINGLY well.  Seriously.  The pictures turned out fantastic and the kiddos (and their parents!) were super duper smiley and cooperative.  I am so happy with how they turned out!  Of course I had to snap a few pics of Ro Ro before we left because she was looking all cute and adorable in her outfit and my favorite FAVORITE June and January knotted headband--seriously, if you have a little girl, check out these headbands.  They're my fave: super soft, stay in place, and best part, they don't leave flippin' red marks or impressions on her little head! 

Mike and Patrick came with me to my photoshoot because we had dinner/ice cream plans with the Polans Patrick got tossed in the stroller and Mike asked if Rosie could be worn in the Tula on his back.  Sure!  Why not!  She'd never been on the back before but why not give it a go?!  Girlfriend LOVED it.  And I looooooove the pics I snapped of the two of them...slyly during my shoot :)

We went to my favorite restaurant, PJs for dinner, and we decided to see how Rosie would do in a high chair, seriously, she's growing up wayyyy too fast because she did amazingly well!  She didn't really slide down or slump over or anything!  So proud of my big girl!

We then had to go hit up the Custard Station for ice cream...because it officially closed September 30th and this turned out to be our last visit there.  Patrick was jazzed that he got his own ice cream cone, and I think managed to get about 20% in his mouth and 80% of it all over the rest of him.  And I was just commending him to Mike the other day about how well he eats now and doesn't get stuff all over him nearly as much as he use to.  #eatingmywords

So Rosie STILL hasn't rolled over yet, but girlfriend is getting really good at sitting up all by herself!  I snapped this pic at my mom's earlier this week and she sat up like that for a few minutes before toppling over!  Wow.  I'm so impressed with how well she's doing in that area!  I have my own photoshoot booked for the last weekend in October, so I'm hoping she just keeps getting better and better at sitting up so I can snap some adorable pics like this from last year this year!

Our beloved Cardinals won their 100th game last night AND clinched the National League Central Division title for the 3rd year in a row!  Gosh, we sure love our birds!  I snapped these pics of the kiddos in their Cardinals gear earlier this week and they have become my new favorite picture!  I need to get a new iPhone case made out of these pics cause they're just my absolute fave!

These pics were taken 366 days apart and they just kill me--someone always has to have a hand on Scooter!  Poor pup!  Ha!

Speaking of, somebody who's name rhymes with pooter rolled in something? I don't know what he did but he reeked, so he needed a bath...and Patrick demanded to have him in the bath with him!  Scooter was all like, "get me outta" and Patrick was lovingly pouring water and such all over him.  Scooter jumped out of the tub mid pour and Patrick launched himself into a deep belly laughing fit and it was the cutest thing EVER.  I of course started laughing which made him laugh even harder!  Good times, kid.

Recently Patrick has been wanting an afternoon snack when he arises from his siesta, and the other day he made the funniest face cause he was out of salsa to dip his chips into.  I was dyingggg.  He makes the funniest faces sometimes!

OMG.  Speaking of funny faces, Patrick is quite obsessed with the selfie video overlays in Snapchat.  I'm pretty sure he did this rainbow throw up one a zillion times the other night.  And, of course, I sent it to everyone under the sun and I'm sure no one thought it was as funny as I did.  #MomGoggles

We went out to dinner last night with my mom and great aunt Peggy (to Fuzzy Taco!  Our fave!) and the littlest Mooney lady was having such a good time being snuggled by her great great aunt!  These photos make my heart smile and melt.  I love having family so close to us all the time!

So that's about all I've got for this quite early post on this Thursday morning.  Hope everyone has a good rest of their week...and if you're in STL, get out and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous weather!! :)

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