Patrick Tales | 03

I just want to add that I've gotten better about documenting the hilarious (to me, and only me, I'm sure) things my little man says and then whipping them up for you in an equally hilarious blog post.  Thanks to the notes app on my iPhone, whenever he does/says something that makes me giggle, I try and remember to jot it down so that when the time comes to blogity blog about some Patrick Tales, I have ammo as to what to say!

After hearing toys crashing and being thrown about, I go into the living room to investigate...
Patrick: Uh oh.  Choo choos broken.
Me: NO!  You can't say broken when you were the one who broken them!

Recently Patrick got a new Thomas DVD and wanted it on his he grabbed his iPad and the DVD and came over to me...
Patrick: Thomas on iPad! {literally putting the DVD on his iPad screen)
Me: That's not how it works buddy, I have to convert it first then I can put it on there
Patrick: {puzzled look} THOMAS ON iPAD NOW!!!!!!

This happens all.the.time.
Me {in the other room}: What buddy?
-- I call these mom-checks.  Random call outs for me from afar with no response from him after I reply.  Just checkin' on me to see where I am I guess.

While driving...
Me {startled}: WHAT??!!!
Patrick: Pool closed.

Sitting in the family room working on my laptop while Patrick is playing puzzles on the floor:
Patrick {running over to me, handing me my water bottle}: Mom drink water now.
Me: Ohhh.  Thanks buddy.
Patrick: {giggles and runs back to his puzzles}

Runs into the kitchen after he wakes in the morning...
Patrick: Lucky arms!
I have him sit down and pour him a bowl of Lucky Charms and some milk...
Patrick: Mom!  Peanut butter jelly!
Me: No, we don't have peanut butter and jelly for breakfast.  You eat your Lucky Charms I got you.
Patrick: DADDDDD!!!! Peanut butter jelly!  No mom!!!!

Mike is napping on the couch and Patrick sees this and takes his trains over to drive all over Mike...
Patrick: DAD!!! WAKE UP!! Go to choo choo store NOWWWWWWWWW.

Patrick sees me feeding Rosie a lot and pumping as well...
Patrick {pointing to my chest}: booooobies
Me: That's right buddy.  And what are they for?!

I took away his monkey (blankie) from his when we were about to leave the house...
Me: You don't need that!
Patrick: I DO NEED THAT!!!

After spending the night at grandma and grandpas, we were sitting down for lunch...
Me: What'd you have for breakfast at grandma's?
Patrick: Stuff.

We were having dinner at our friends' house, and Patrick and his friend Emma were sitting together on one side of the table...Emma leans over towards Patrick...
Patrick {pushing Emma back to her side}: You stay over there Emma!!!

Again, I realized 99.9% of these are hilarious to me and me only...but that's okay!  I hope one day when Patrick is older he has these to look back upon and giggle at just as I am doing now typing them.  Haha.  Until the next installment of Patrick Tales, I bid you adieu.

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