What a Weekend!

Holy busy weekend, Batman!  As I posted about earlier this weekend, my new photog website is up and running and I'm loooooooving it so much!  It has a different feel to my other one and I'm really loving it a lot.  My brother Charlie is a whiz with this and actually does it freelance for people--so if you need a facelift for your website or business page, give him a shout!  He's awesome!

Anyways, so yeah, crazy busy weekend!  I had 2 photoshoots (see here and here) and then we had our good friend (and my maid of honor from my wedding!) wedding reception!  She got married out of town a couple weeks ago and had a STL reception last night.  It was oodles of fun--and Mike and I got to snap it!  'Twas oodles of fun!

So!  How about a little weekend recap besides my busyness of photoshoots?!  Let's do it!

This afternoon I donated another several hundred ounces of breastmilk, bringing my total donation thus far up to 5000 ounces!  WOO HOO!  My goal is 10,000 ounces...so we'll see if I get there...but I feel really really good about donating so much!  I mean, I really don't mean to brag--and I'm not!--I just feel really accomplished doing this--I only donated about 1000 ounces last go'round with Patrick, so to have multiplied that amount by five (and still going!) feels awesome.

Patrick has developed this affinity for cleaning products.  Not.kidding.at.all.  He throws one heckuva fit if he's denied said cleaning equipment, so I caved, took the middle section out of the Swiffer, and he goes to town for A LONG TIME sweeping up the house.  It is amazing.  I hope this love for cleaning never leaves cause I could use some help (or a break!) from doing it!

A few pics from Lauren's wedding reception last night.  Clearly the best snaps of the night #yeahright.  HA!  Mike caught a few of me on the other end of the camera, which was cool cause when I'm snapping I'm never in the pics it seems!  And duh, I had to include some pics from the fun photobooth as well.  It really was a good time and we're so happy for our friends Lauren and Greg!

Before the reception, since it didn't start until 7:30pm, we dropped the kiddos off at the grandparents and went on a hot date to one of our favorites: Lion's Choice.  I could eat there every.single.day.  Which, now that I'm tying this and looking at the pic, my mouth is watering wanting some of that deliciousness.

My kids, the fashionistas.  How funny is Patrick's outfit?!  Cowboy boots, choo choo shirt, and a too small Kermit hat?!  Stylin'.  And Rosie and Scooter in their same bacon outifts KILL ME.  Their faces are just perfect: and total resting bitch face.  LOVE.

School picture.  Want one?!  I've got like a thousand copies that apparently Lifetouch thinks teachers need and/or want.  And I look like I'm about 12 in that pic too.  Whatevs.  At least my love and affinity for donuts made it into my pic this year.

I posted this pic last week sometime--Rosie sportin' her monogrammed shoes and shirt (thanks aunt Kate!) and oodles of pink: 2 things I swore I'd never put my kid in!  But hey!  I'm eating those words (and many others I swore I wouldn't do if I had a girl) cause I can't help it: she's so darn cute and such a little girl I have to accentuate it (while I still can before she develop an opinion!).

Do you know how big of blow up decoration fans we are?!  HUGE.  And these witch's feet from the Wizard of Oz are my fave.  Yes, they're out for Halloween.  Yes, they'll be out till January--they double as a Christmas decoration too.  Not pictured: the 8 foot blow up "Happy Halloweiner!" weiner dog in the front yard.  So classy.  I know you're jealous, I can just feel it.

And last but not least, a babywearing pic of Ro Ro who was feeling a bit down after being pelted on the forehead by her brother's head and needed some snuggles--while I needed to finish getting dinner ready.  I sure love babywearing so so so much!

Well that's about it for this weekend's recap on this fine Sunday naptime!  I actually hear one of the minions restling around so I gotta wrap up this post and go tend to them--cause we have dinner plans at my parents tonight to celebrate my brother's 25th (what?!!!) birthday.  Big day!  Anyways, have a great week friends!  Enjoy the fall weather...we sure are!!

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