Patrick Tales | 05

Ahhhh, it's been a hot minute since I indulged you in some Patrick Tales.  Now that he's sooooo close to turning 3, it's like BOOM -- his speech has blossomed and he's not only talking in complete sentences, it's freaking hysterical (maybe only to me! sorry readers!) and I try and write it down in my phone whenever he does or says something that makes me giggle so I can then share it with you.  Anyways, here's another installment of what I'm sure is one of your favorite blog posts from moi.  Enjoy.

Patrick sees a zit on my face.
Patrick: {pointing} What's that?
Me: A zit.
Patrick: It look bad. Put a bandaid on it.

I went to my bedroom and changed shirts and came back out into the family room.
Patrick: OOOOOOHHHH! New shirt mom?
Me: Why yes, actually it is!  Thanks for noticing buddy!
Patrick: It look nice mom.

Patrick: Call KiKi!!!!!
Me: Why?
Patrick: I go to her lake NOW!
Me: No buddy, you can't go now, you live here!
Patrick: {crying} Noooooooo!  I live at lakeeeeee!

Patrick: {Noticing a stain on my sweatpants) Mom, what you got on your pants?
Me: I spilled something on them......What did you get on your pants?!!
Patrick: I not wearing any pants!!

Patrick: 'cuse me!
Me: Did you fart?
Patrick: No, I not fart... {longggg pause} -- I fart out my mouth!
Me: {laughing} Oh, you burped!
Patrick: Yeah I burp fart!

Mike was in the bathroom and Patrick ran to the door.
Patrick: Go poo poo daddy?
Mike: Yeah buddy.
Patrick: Daddy get a new toy then?! {Cause he gets a new toy whenever he goes #2}

Me: Patrick, did you poop in your pants?
Patrick: NOOOOOO! ...I maybe just have a little skid mark.

We were at my parents house and Patrick wanted to play outside, so my dad told him he could get have ONE toy in the yard to play with and he asked for his lawnmower.
Ray: Okay Patrick, here's your mower.
Patrick: {runs back into garage heading for the toys}
Ray: No no no Patrick, just one toy!
Patrick: {crying} but I need gasssssss!!!! {He wanted his gas pump to put gas in his mower}

Patrick farts.
Patrick: I just burp out my butt!!! {hysterical laughing}

Mike was giving Ro her sippy cup of milk before nap in her room and hears rustling from outside the door.
Patrick: {shoving Rosie's clean clothes he fished out of the dryer himself  underneath her door} These clean daddy!
*He then proceeded to get all of his clean bedding and clothes out of the dryer as well and put them on his bed in his room.

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