Weekend Shenanigans

First off, I'm still completely FLOORED at Patrick's potty training of himself.  I think I'll have to write up another diary entry later this week for another update, but, spoiler...it's still going freaking amazing and I am literally SHOCKED at how well it's actually going.

So I made this ahhhhh-mazing French Toast Casserole for Mike's birthday breakfast (a day late!) on Saturday...and I even blogged the recipe over here for you as well if you want to try it!  I stole the recipe from my friend Ann and added my own little touch.  It is sooooo good -- and also sooooo good the next day reheated if you don't devour it all the first day :)

Okay, I had a crazy busy weekend -- since Thursday I had ELEVEN photoshoots!  9 of those were mini-sessions, but shoot, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

I had this family's shoot Thursday night, these 9 mini-sessions Saturday, and this family's shoot Sunday night!  I've been a picture taking fool lately!  But it's been great for my snappin' business as of late and I'm loving all of the new families and people I'm getting to shoot!  I'm most definitely going to offer minis in the fall...just as long as my next round of sessions on the 16th goes just as well!  Fingers crossed!!

Last week my brother Charlie came in and taught my computer graphics students how to make .gifs in Photoshop...and now I'm currently working on making what he taught them into a project!  If what I'm thinking works, it's going to be pretty cool!

Ro will be ONE on Wednesday (OMG don't get me started!) and it'll also mark 1 year of breastfeeding!  I cannot believe we're going to make it to this milestone!  Mike captured this snap of me after my mini-sessions last week and, just like every other nursing pic, I absolutely love it so much.

Ro likes her some mama's milk, but also LOOOOOOVES her some Chickfila shakes too!  She has recently mastered the straw and is super proud of herself for being able to sip sip sip things at her little heart's desire.

Speaking of Rosie, she was solo kid all weekend because Patrick was (once again!) at his vacation house at my aunt's lake, where he rocked going on the potty all weekend long!  I'm so proud of him!  We have acquired a ton of June & January clothes lately and Ro seems to rock them a lot -- her ice cream dress might be my absolute favorite.

Not the greatest pic, but my new backdrop stand holder thingy came and I am so excited to use this for some newborn shoots I have coming up!  Scooter lovingly posted in front of a terribly wrinkly Tula blanket for me to demo it.

Ro and I had an awesome girls' trip to the Mecca which is Target on Friday and it was lovely being able to shop in relative peace and quiet without Patrick to err, entertain us.

I got a terrible bloody nose this weekend randomly in the car with Mike.  Of course no tissues to be found, so I grabbed Patrick's "monkey" (cloth diaper) he holds in the car and one of my nose drippings made a perfect heart.  I thought it was pretty cool cause it really is just a perfect little heart!

I thought this pic I snapped of Patrick looking into Papa Rick's barn was super duper awesome.  I brightened the colors a bit but didn't touch too much with it.  The barn was one of my favorite spots to snap next to this weekend because of the rust (looked red) and greens and yellows.  My new favorite shoot location!

We celebrated Mike's 37 birthday last night at his parents and his mom found a picture from exactly 15 years ago (April 3rd, 2001) and we just HAD to recreate it with his siblings!!  Wasn't that really cool?!  It's the exact same spot, same cheesecake (recipe!), and same pan!  Pretty neat, eh?!

Lastly, I'll end this too early weekend recap - week starting off post with how I ended Sunday night: a heaping plate of my favorite cheese and Triscuit (thin crisps!!), some m&ms, a jealous dog, and our favorite TV show, Guy's Grocery Games.  Mike was off so it was the best way to wind down the crazy weekend and start the new week!  Have a great one friends!

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