Roey in the Morning

I have an engagement shoot later this evening, so before I dropped Ro off this morning I got my camera out and decided to snap a quick few pics of her and Scoots before leaving for school!  I actually have been wanting to try some new Photoshopping techniques on some RAW images before rolling them out to my computer graphics students for another project, so these proved perfect practice for that!

I mean, I know I'm biased, but that smile of hers just SLAYSSSSS me.  How freaking cute is she?!!  I die.  Seriously.

You wouldn't know it that girlfriend had her two top molars pop through (so up to 10 teeth total now!) over the past couple days because she is alllllll smiles.  Patrick is soiree-ing his weekend away at KiKi's lake (way jealous over here!) so I just had these two very compliant models to help me out this morning.

Anyways, this is the shortest photo dump pointless post I've probably ever written, but whatevs.  I thought the snaps were worth sharing ANNNNNNDDDD I have an insanely busy weekend with mini sessions and photoshoots so I thought I'd whip up this blog here now before school starts and the weekend craziness is underway.  Have a great one friends!

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