Rosie's Donut 1st Birthday Party

Wowza, what a day!  I am literally JUST sitting down from concluding the festivities (and clean-up!) from Rosie's donut-themed birthday party!  She's got another small party on Tuesday with family, but her big party here has come and gone.  Whew!  What a morning!

We had a great time having our friends and family over (Patrick probably had the most fun, he ran around like crazy and then at 1pm asked to take a nap.  Haha!) and Rosie got spoiled with a bunch of great presents--and a lot of new clothes!  This gal is set for summer!

I will add that about 9:30am this morning I chased the UPS dude down for my brand spankin' new camera (a Canon EOS 5D mark iii) that came and I used that to snap all of the pics from the party!  We have the WORST light in our basement, so the quality of some of these aren't my favorite, but even with terrible light I think they came out okay anyways.  I sure had fun playing with my new toy!!

I kept the decorations super simple: just Rosie's growth pics all over the place and some donuts on her high chair for her cake smash.  Easy peasy.  We did hot dogs, chips, and fruit for lunch, and then donuts for dessert (or a pre-lunch breakfast treat!).  Shockingly we bought the right amount of food for the first time and barely had any leftovers!  Woot!

Ro wore her donut dress again and my goodness, isn't she adorable?!  I know I'm biased, but sheesh, she makes donuts look gooooood.  My mom made her dress as well as her donut cake and it was just absolutely perfect for her donut party!

I think all of the kiddos that came had an absolute blast playing in the basement--especially the ballpit.  I was hoping it'd be warm enough to play at "Bear Park" but alas, it was not (about 40 degrees during party time. BRRRR!  Where are you spring?!!) so inside we played!  Abby was such an awesome sport playing with the kiddos in the ballpit all morning!  She's the best!

Soooooo, the cake smash.  Um, I really thought it'd go differently than it did!  Especially since she destroyed the cupcake on her real birthday she had!  But nope, we sang "Happy Birthday" and then I think it freaked her out when people started clapping and cheering and she wanted NOTHING of her cake!  Oops!  She cried and cried and even when Mike fed her some she still didn't want anything to do with it.  Good thing she'll get another run at it on Tuesday.

Ro got a ton of great gifts for her birthday -- mostly clothes!  I know kids hate getting clothes for their birthdays, but she NEEDED them!  We don't have many girl clothes (other than what I buy!) so I took advantage of her birthday and being too young to really care about toys and we have a zillion anyways, clothes it was!

The grandmas always fight over the grandkids!  Haha!

After presents downstairs, Rosie headed upstairs to be with her great great aunts and open presents from them -- the majority were adorable handmade dresses and outfits!  Gosh, it is so fun dressing a little girl -- I'm loving it so!  And so are my aunts!  Rosie seemed to enjoy her new wardrobe upstairs as well.

After she finished getting some pics taken she literally crashed harddddd core for her nap, and slept almost 3 hours!  Go Ro go!

All in all, it was a wonderful first birthday party for Rosie, and it really is official now: she's into toddlerhood!  Gahhhh!  Time goes so fast!  But I'm hanging on and enjoying the ride and watching my babes grow up!  Thanks for journeying along with us, my three loyal readers you :)

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