366: Day 139 Update

I thought I'd give you all a little day 139 update on my 366 Black & White Instagram project.  Thus far I am shocked to report I haven't missed ANY days (woot!) and have actually remembered to post a picture each day and not have to double-post the next day because I forgot the day before.  So yay, that's freaking exciting.

I posted about how to make one of these ^^^ earlier this week and I figured I'd put to practice my Photoshop-collage-making-skills and make one for a little update on my 366 project!

I absolutely LOVE looking at these snaps over the past 139 days of this year and remembering back to 1. why I took that pic 2. what was going on 3. remembering something that I totally forgot about but am remembering now.  I really REALLY love the way they are turning out...my only regret though is I wish I'd have made them all a square so they'd uniformly fit nicely into a collage when I'm done, but whatevs.  The picture sizes and variations pretty much represent our lives in that they don't match every single day and don't always go together perfectly, but in the end they fit just fine and things always work out.

So!  That's about all I've got for this quick little 366 update post.  I hope I keep going strong well into the summer and keep up with my streak of not missing any days...so wish me luck! :)

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