Snaps, Snaps, and More Snaps!

Whew!  Where to start?!!  What a busy busy weekend we've had!  I had a couple photoshoots, attended UA's 2016 graduation, cleaned out a ton of closets, gone on a bunch of walks with the kiddos, went to the Zoo, and am wrapping up my last few days at work before summer sets in!  Oh, and Mike worked this whole time.  Gosh, we miss him so much when he's at work!

So I have been playing around a lot in Photoshop with sparkler overlays and actions, and OMG, what fun they are!  I cannot wait to use this for some wedding shots we have coming up this summer...I mean, yes, we could do the real time sparklers, but this is 1. easier 2. I'm gonna stick with these actions for now.

On Saturday we went to our friend Oliver's 1st birthday party and Patrick destroyed a cupcake that made him look like he ate a Smurf!  I was dying.  Shockingly he didn't get any on his clothes, only his mouth.  I guess he truly is growing up!

We also coordinated for the party and I have to say, we look good in stripes.

This kid cracks me up.  I really need to do another "Patrick Tales" post soon with some of the funny stuff he's said lately.  It's freaking hilarious.  He thought my pump parts were headphones, and he loves to play trains in only his undies.  He communicates more and more each day and the stuff he picks up and comes up with just floor me and make me smile.  I love this little dude so much it's sickening!

The weather has been ridiculously nice lately so we have taken advantage of is and gone on a'many walks lately and it is just my favorite.  Ro alternates between her car and the Tula, and Patrick has been getting better and better using his stride bike every time we go!

See?!  He's by no means perfect, but he's getting the hang of it and really loving riding his bike as much as he can now.

Ro has been spoiled with all of her outfits lately!  These three beauties were handmade by her great great aunt Elaine and I just love them so much!  Kathy gave them to her the other day and Ro had to model and try them all on and I of course snapped pics of her modeling all of them and sent them Elaine's way to thank her for her handiwork!

I mean, if he's not the most cooperative dog on the planet, I don't know who is!  Did someone say donuts?!!  HEHEHEHEHE.  Scooter, I should have probably let you eat that anyways for being so patient and cooperative!  But alas, #bloodsugarissues, so a dry dog biscuit is all he got.

Yesterday we hit up the Zoo because of a scheduling snafu with Mike and no babysitter, sooooo, off we went!  It was Ro's first time solo (not in a carrier or on someone's lap) on the train and she LOVED it.

Actually, they both loved cruisin' on the train a whole whole bunch!

Our buddies Logan and Lisa met us at the Zoo too and we had a blast hanging with them too!  We don't see them too often so it was great to catch up and hang.  We also splurged and rode the carousel which Rosie really loved riding solo for the first time too!

My buddy Liz in Florida scored for us this sweet Tula blanket set that we had *planned" on gifting as baby gifts; however, we decided to hang onto one of the blankets "Slow Ride" because Mike loves vintage cars and Patrick loves snuggling with them!

Last night after our walk we had a little impromptu photo shoot (again!!) at Bear Park -- what Patrick calls the swingset in our backyard.  They were both so hot and sweaty but still made for some cute pictures!  We are hopefully putting up our pool next to the swingset really soon, so that'll be exciting!  Patrick literally cannot wait for that and I'm sure Ro is equally as excited once she actually sees what's going on.

I got a few new presets for Lightroom and I was playing around with them and OMG I love them so much, especially the black and white ones!  I've been looking for something like that with a matte-type look and I think I've found my winners!  Ekkkkk!!  I love the way they both turned out with just a quick preset edit and nothing really more on my part.

So that's about all I've got for this early morning blog post!  I'll end it with the burritos in the bathtub and wish you all a wonderful Tuesday and rest of your week!  Summer is SO CLOSE I can almost taste it!  I'm so excited!!!

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