How did that happen?!  My little baby boy is THREE YEARS OLD today.  I cannot believe it, I literally blinked and BAM!  He's three.  Gosh, how time truly does fly when you're having fun.

We had Patrick's family birthday party yesterday which was oodles of fun, and we have his big party with friends and family this Saturday at our house.  I'm sure that'll be a separate post entirely, so stay tuned for that.

I posted back in November when he was two and a half a little update, so this is a new one with oodles of fun facts about Patrick at 3.  I'm sure a lot of these are regurgitated things that you've read here on the blog already, but it helps me layout all of his milestones which I then transfer to Shutterfly for her third yearbook I'm making, so bear with me.

We did a little photoshoot (much like we did for his 2nd birthday) for his 3rd birthday and OHH EMM GEE.  What a little ham this dude is!  I can't get over it!  I snapped wayyyyy too many pics so I apologize but the overload here but I have to share them first before I do my mom stats because they are just too cute and I swear he's 3 going on 13.

So we go back to the doc for his 3 year check-up next week, so until then the stats below will have to suffice before I get the official ones.  Exciting, isn't it?!

  • Patrick weighs 39 pounds and 14 ounces.  He really is a big dude; my guess is he's about 40" tall.  He wears all 4T and 5T clothes, and wears a size 10 shoes.
  • Still has 20 teeth!
  • As of a month or so ago, he is officially potty trained!  He's had a few accidents here and there (never #1 accidents, a couple #2s) but overall he has successfully trained himself and it is so incredibly awesome.  He still wears a cloth diaper at home for naps/bedtime (or a pullup when he's away from home) and wakes up most times from siestaland dry.  I am so proud of him!
  • He understands EVERYTHING, repeats EVERYTHING, and talks SO MUCH.  His speech continues to just blossom and the stuff he says and comes up with cracks me up so much.  My Patrick Tales posts are definitely my favorites as of late.
  • He still continues to be a great sleeper: he takes a 2ish hour nap from 1-3pm every day and goes to bed around 8:30pm and usually sleeps until 7:30/8:30am the next morning.  He lets us know when he's up by calling out "Mommy! Daddy! Get me outta here!" which cracks me up every morning.
  • Moved into a big boy bed and hasn't looked back!  He sleeps sooooo well in his own bed both here and away that I don't know why I was so worried about the transition, but it's gone seamlessly.
  • Obsessed with Paw Patrol.  Anything dealing with this show he absolutely loves and must have (blankets, clothes, toys, DVDs, etc...) He really REALLY loves Paw Patrol (I have high hopes he'll really love his Paw Patrol themed party on Saturday!).  He also loves Thomas, Dinosaur Train, the YouTube Kids app (and the crazy stuff he finds to watch on there!), Finding Nemo, Minions, Monsters, Inc., Cars, Airplanes, Toy Story (basically anything Pixar), Frozen, and the Little Mermaid.
  • LOVES trains and cars.  If it's got wheels he's all about it.  Loves his Brio train set and all of his choo choos and cars that go on that!
  • Loves going to the park, swinging on the swings, going down the slide...and usually throws a gigantic fit when it's time to leave!  He'd stay at the park all day and night if we'd let him.
  • Demands to take Scooter on a walk every.single.time. we get home from anywhere.  He loves bending down and watching Scooter go pee or poo (gross, I know) and giving him a little back pat when he's done.  He really loves that dog so much and gets upset when he isn't around or wanting to play back with him.
  • Is a master on his iPad and YouTube Kids app is his current fave.  He usually will only watch whatever he turns on for a few minutes and then darts off to play with something else, but he's always got to have his iPad on (background noise just like his mama needs!) when he's playing.
  • Will still eat pretty much anything.  He loves condiments and prefers to have them on nearly everything he's eating, like ketchup on raspberries.  I've yet to find something he really hates and won't at least try, so that's really awesome he's got such good taste!
  • Absolutely LOVES his little sister SO MUCH.  They are best friends already and he is just smitten with her (and sometimes a little too loving with her!).  He always is asking where his Ro is and if she can come with him to do whatever he's doing.  He is the sweetest big brother I know!
  • In just a few months Patrick will be starting preschool!  He will be going three days a week and I'll drop him off around 7:30am on my way to school and pick him up at 3:30pm.  It'll be a change for him getting up early and going to an organized place during the day that isn't family, but he seems really excited thus far about it and I am too! 
  • Still a very avid thumb sucker, but won't do it unless he's got his "monkey" or "pillow" around (his monkey is an old prefold cloth diaper he snuggles with and his pillow is two of those sewn together with stuffing on the inside).  He mostly sucks his thumb in the car and at night before bed, but if he's got either his monkey or pillow with him his thumb is usually in his mouth.
  • Is getting much better at sharing toys and playing with friends -- I think his age and the fact that he understands more helps in this.  He still doesn't willingly like to give up "his stuff" (especially to his sister!), but reluctantly will if he's promised to get it back once whoever is done playing with it.  Rosie is still little enough that he snatches most of what she is playing with because "I want that!!" and it doesn't seem to bother her too much...yet.
  • LOVES helping to clean up.  Not necessarily toys or "his" stuff he was playing with (that takes a lot more coaxing to get him to help with!), but loves to run the vacuum, Swiffer, put stuff in the garage can, and so forth.  I'm hoping this keeps up cause I could always use extra help with chores!  Ha!
  • His manners are pretty good -- he always says, "'cuse me" after he burps or toots, usually says please when he wants something (although sometimes we do remind him to say it), and when you ask him what the magic word is, thinking he'll say "Please" he actually says  "Meeska Mooseka Mickey Mouse!"--which apparently is the magic word on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Ha!
So that's about all I've got for Patrick at THREE YEARS OLD.  Timehop once again reminded me today of all of his newborn pics and I'm gonna go cry in the corner now thinking about how little he was and how he'll never be like that again!  Gahhh!  My baby is growing up!  Despite me wanting to keep him little forever I'm loving the little man he is becoming and cannot wait to see what he learns and grows into this coming year!  I love you so much Patrick Ray!  Muahhh!

See how Patrick has grown:

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