Birthday Anticipation...& Other Sunday Adventures

To say Patrick is excited about his 3rd birthday tomorrow is an understatement: he can't freaking wait!  He is SOOOOO excited for birthday donuts and new presents and all of the other things turning 3 years old comes with.

We had a little family birthday party this afternoon for him and he was just beaming with his cake, blowing out his candles, and tearing into all of his presents!

It's so funny to think back on his 1st and 2nd birthday and how he acted then as compared to this year.  This year he most definitely "gets" what's going on and is soooooo excited for "New Paw Patrol toys!!!"

He totally was spoiled by his grandparents and aunts and uncles earlier today with a bunch of new toys that we had to literally pry out of his hands so he could go take a nap.  He did eventually fall asleep, but he sure wanted to go back and play with his toys!

His actual birthday is tomorrow...and there'll be a whole 'nother post for you all about Patrick at 3 years old--you know, the mom stats and funness I tend to overshare on my children's milestone days.  Excited, aren't you?!  I'm also going along with the same hashtag pattern I have been for the past couple years, so if you're on Instagram check out #PatrickRayTurns3 for all of his birthday fun pics!

I'm sure I'll have another post sometime tomorrow night detailing his birthday day events; Mike doesn't have to work until 3pm so he gets to spend the entire day with him!  I'm going in a smidgen late to school so we can do birthday donuts and presents (^^^) altogether as a family before I have to go to work. I am so excited for that!

Okay!  Onto a few other adventures from this past weekend.  I posted on Friday about Ro in her June & January playsuit that got reposted by the company...well, I cleaned house with their big sale Friday night and ordered all of the above (OMG, right?!!) for Ro and as gifts and such for other people.  I'm glad I did cause they were sold out of almost everything within a few hours.  CRAZINESS!  These clothes are like crack apparently and I can't get enough of them!

Speaking of...I totally did a "Who wore it better?!" pic of Ro and Scoots in the same marigold playsuit and posted it a few places (from both me and Scoots' accounts) and OMG.  June & January reposted it!!

A photo posted by Baby Clothes & Basics (@juneandjanuary) on

^^^Like that's pretty freaking awesome, right?!  Look at all of those likes!  SO CRAZY!  So awesome!  Scooter has gotten a good 100+ new followers on Instagram as well so it has seemed to work out for all parties involved.

I did do a little comment stalking then and noticed that J&J commented about how much they love these pics so that put a little smile on my face and caused me to post yet another one this morning...

Seriously guys, he is just too cooperative to NOT do this stuff to!  I can't help it.  And as long as the response I'm currently getting is positive and encouraging and people like these pics, I'm gonna keep doing them, cause they're just too funny NOT to.  HEHEHEHEHE!!!

 Ro has really been loving on the zebra scooter lately, not moving it too much by herself but loves riding on it with Patrick when he feels like zooming them both around.  Girlfriend is this.close. to pulling up, and I figure as soon as she does that she'll be cruising around holding things and then walking in no time.  I'm still guessing she'll be walking between 14-15 months, so we'll see how close I am to being right about that :)

Last night we had a severe thunderstorm come through and HOLY HAIL.  10 straight minutes of this ^^^ went on and it was absolutely craziness.

So.much.hail.  There was still a big pile out front this morning when we got up!  So crazy.  My old car already had $5000 worth of hail damage from a storm several years ago, so it was outside and definitely got pelted with some new dings as well.  Oh well, it's nickname "hailey" fits it well still.

I got this amazing print from this etsy shop and it's my new favorite, cause I love donuts.  I put it in the most high-traffic area of our kitchen so it is a friendly little donut love reminder whenever you're over that way.  I love it so.

I'll conclude this post with some random kid snaps from the past couple days, cause who doesn't like seeing my adorable little babies?!  #biased, I know.  Have a great week friends!  It's MAY!  

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