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This post is literally about this and that...cause I am really struggling with witty post titles lately as the school year comes to a close and my brain feels like scrambled eggs most days.  BUT!  The end is literally so close I can taste it, and I am SO EXCITED to spend all summer with both of my burritos!  We have some really fun stuff planned, including 3 trips (!!!) (well, 3 for me...Patrick and Ro get to go on one family vacay and Ro gets to go with me to DC...) and hopefully we'll get our hoosier pool all set up in our backyard soon so we can start enjoying that!

I saw a good sunset on my way home the other night and just couldn't pass it I grabbed my camera, Ro, and BOOM.  Off we went to snap some pics, which she happily obliged.

I imagine Rosie yelling YOLO and throwing her hands up in the air because she's so excited about summer coming.  In reality I think that I just managed to catch her mid-scream...

LOL, right?!  Right.  Their tongues.  Their faces.  So funny.

Okay, ^^^ this pic I posted on a few groups and I was 1. really impressed with my sparkler Photoshopping (correct me if I'm wrong, but it does look real, right?!!) 2. I was waiting for a sanctimommy to yell at me for giving my 1 year old a sparkler.  BUT!  None of that happened and I was disappointed I didn't get to social media scream at someone and tell them it was just Photoshop.  Geesh.  What a letdown.

Speaking of Photoshop, I recently got an Eyefi Mobi card for my 5D...that's the one downside of using my 5D over 6D--no wifi to transfer images to my iPhone instantly.  BUT!  Not anymore with this cool Eyefi card...which I spent time playing around with the other night and then editing my 5D snaps on my iPhone with the VSCOcam app that I've fallen in love with as of late.  It's not my normal type of editing/colors I usually go with, but I'm kinda liking the looks of the pics I've got (see above!) so maybe it's motivating me to move out of my comfort go-to editing zone.

I've said before that Rosie is my little turtle, who slowly and steadily is hitting milestones at her own pace.  Well, recently she really started pulling up on stuff and I am just so proud of her because I'm sure walking is in her near future!  (My guess is by 15 months she'll be walking!)  Anyways, I thought this was a cute little video of her pulling up and then doing a funny little dance before plopping down on the floor, cause, standing is hard.

I mean, could they be any cuter?!  Patrick absolutely loves kissing his RoRo and snuggling with her and it just melts my mama heart into a thousand pieces whenever he does it!  I hope hope hope he never stops, cause it is just the cutest thing EVER.

I'm so proud of Mike, he's gotten so good at doing Ro's hair lately, and his signature style is a "man bun" atop her little head.  It's just the cutest thing ever, especially when Mike texts me how proud he is of himself for doing it!

We went to my cousin's going away party earlier in the week (he's moving to New Zealand!) and Ro got to hang with her cousin BFF Cole, play the piano (so cute!  so biased!  I know!), and naw on a lamb chop, which i'm pretty sure she learned how to do from Scooter.  She is getting so adventuresome with her eating it's just adorable to watch her explore and taste new things and really discover that she likes them!

Speaking of Scooter, do you know he's the most cooperative dog ON THE PLANET?!  Seriously, he deserves an award.  Anyways, some recent snaps of him being silly (aka me posing him and he happily obliging)...I did turn the dinosaur one into a meme which he lovingly shared over here.  And the one with the crown and scepter is Scooter paying homage to Mister Gary from Them Yo People!

We did find out he got invited to go to Pooches in the Ballpark for the THIRD (!!!) year in a row, so that's exciting and something we're looking forward to.  His buddy Braxton (and my bestie Lauren) are gonna come with us this year since Mike has to work.  It's gonna be a blast, we just know it!

For a few years we've done an #instacatchingchallenge on Instagram with several of my friends, and it had been a hot minute since I last posted one, so we did one earlier this week with the kids.  Patrick, we have work to do buddy!  He's got the throwing down, the catching part: we'll work on that.

We can all giggle for a minute at this like my mom was doing in the background as she was watching it play out.  Snapchat filters are such great baby entertainment.

Potty trained Patrick is consistently waking up dry from naps and bedtime more and more!  I'm so proud of him!  And occasionally, we forget to put him in a diaper and he sleeps in just undies and (knock on wood!) it hasn't backfired on us yet, so win-win on our part!

Patrick is so Goofy! (Hahahaha, see what I did there?!!)

I wanted to see what all of this LuLaRoe leggings fuss is about and OMG, I am SO GLAD I did--they are so buttery soft and I want about 37 more pairs!  EEKKKK!  Take all my monies and I will buy all of them.  Maybe one day I'll luck out and be able to find a matching pair for me and Ro too.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this gem of a capture, because it's almost the weekend and YOLO, right Rosie?!  Have a good one friends!

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