A Week of Firsts!

It truly was a week of firsts around the Mooney household.  Some of them I’ve already bloggity blogged about…

Annie turned 1 month old and had her 1 month checkup at the doc’s office...and with that, it was my first outing solo with 2 of the 3 kiddos!

Annie, Rosie, and I not only hit up the doctor’s office, but we also went to the grocery store as well!  Sass pants McGee wanted to be carried into the grocery store and um, no way jose.  Even though my OB closed my incision for me (thank you medical glue!) on Monday, I’m still trying not to pick Rosie up a lot cause tank is huge and I don’t want to pull or rip anything.  So I did carry her (instead of letting her scream on the ground in the parking lot -- that was a sight lemme tell ya) into the store but ditched her in the cart ASAP.

Which as soon as I got her in the cart she wasn’t having it but fortunately thanks to the produce dude she was bribed to stop screaming and crying with a banana and was a happy cart ridin’ camper the rest of our shopping trip.  Annie was a little gem riding in the sling snoozing her days away, as per her usual jam.

Annie had a big week of firsts, the biggest one being that she’s napping AND sleeping overnight in her crib!  YA-FREAKING-HOO!  We moved Patrick to the crib when he was 10 weeks old, Rosie was 8 weeks, and Annie made it barely 4 weeks.  Honestly we are both sleeping SO MUCH BETTER in our own rooms so I cannot complain one bit and neither can she.  Most nights she goes down around 9ish and gives us (well me mostly since Mike’s at work 90% of the nights) a good 4.5 to 5 hour stretch right off the bat.  Then she wakes up, gets changed, eats, and back to sleep for another 3-4 hours, back up again to eat, change, sleep, and snoozes another 3-4 hours before she’s up for the day.  I don’t hear her little whimpers or grunts or loud breathing anymore and more times than not I set her back in her crib (awake!) and she falls asleep.  Sometimes I have to pat her back or rub her belly for a few minutes to get her to settle down, but she usually does quickly and we’re both back to sleeping.  It.is.wonderful.  I even took down the pack and play in our room because girlfriend is officially in her own room!

Oh and for the past week or two she’s been taking one 3ish hour afternoon nap (goes down when Rosie does) too so I’m getting her use to one big long afternoon nap in her crib too.  She will doze off in the morning but I don’t formally lay her down in her crib because I always condition my kids to take one nap only in their beds from the get go...this two short nap business isn’t for us.

For me this week I got my first pedicure post baby (Annie helped me pick my toe color -- margiold!  So pretty!), got my new Annie ring so snapped a first pic of all of my babies stacked on my finger, I got my first LulaRoe Randy shirt that OMG I LOVE SO MUCH and want so many of them cause it’s so comfy (and perfect for that postpartum bod), and I picked Patrick up from school for the first time in over a month!  He was clearly thrilled about it :)

We also got a sleepy but huge and dimply smile out of Annie this week!  Just the best -- and when she starts smiling on her own intentionally (which is hopefully soon!) that is even better!  I hate seeing them grow up but these little rewards make it okay.

Yesterday we also had our first movie date with ALL 3 kiddos!  Obviously I didn't take them by myself -- I'm not THAT brave :) -- my mom came with us -- but it was a fun morning seeing Rock Dog and the kiddos were very good!  We did leave early cause thanks to 20+ minutes of previews once we hit the hour and a half mark they had reached their peak of cooperative and sitting still and wanted to get up and play!  So off we went.

Last night we hit up our first fish fry of the Lenten season (this is seriously Mike's most favorite time of the year) and the kids were OH SO GOOD and really enjoyed their fishy dinner!  Annie gave some unsure looks before sleeping through the rest of the fish fry, naturally.

I also had a first -- my first stomach bug (maybe the stomach flu??? I hope not.) of the year so I did not partake in the fish fry festivities.  Let's just say Friday was a long LONG night by myself (since Mike was at work) and ughhhh.  It was rough.  I'm feeling much better this morning so it definitely was just a 24 hour bug but I'm hoping and praying it doesn't go through the rest of the house like it did for me.  Fingers crossed and prayers sent that I'm the only one who gets it.

This is my new most favorite picture of my most favorite people in this world!  We somehow managed this smilely gem earlier this week and I love it SO MUCH.  Rosie is actually smiling (!!!) and I love how Patrick is hugging Mike around his neck.  I am such a lucky gal.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few summer daydreamin' snaps I took of Annie this morning.  Gosh, I cannot wait for the warm weather to be here and STAY and all of the fun we're going to have outside this spring and summer -- and, of course, the fun outfits too :)  Since I am finally starting to feel better and wanting to bust out of the house as much as possible, I'm itching for warm weather and all of the things it brings.  Annie gave me a little taste of that this morning.

Anyways, that's about it!  I'll leave you with this gem I snapped of Scooter and Annie from this morning.  Hehehe.  Besties, aren't they?!  Have a good one friends!

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