New Lens!

Thanks to a wittle ordering snafu with my buddy Tiffanie (i.e. she thought she ordered a Nikon lens but it was a Canon soooooo I swooped in and said I’d buy the Canon from her and save her the restocking/return fee) I am now the proud owner of a brand new lens!  A Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 lens to be exact and

Tiff graciously mailed it out earlier this week and it came Wednesday and I have been obsessively playing with it ever since!  Although I wasn’t in the market for a new lens, the deal Tiff got + circumstances just said “GET IT ALEX.”  So I did.  I’ve been oogling over a 35mm lens for a while, and was going back and forth whether I’d get the Sigma Art or Canon 35mm whenever I decided to go for it, and obviously this made my decision for me: Sigma Art it was!  I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on it and it seems that most people prefer the Sigma Art over the Canon anyways because of how crisp and sharp it is, sooooo, I’m glad I made that decision to get it.  And this lens will be PERFECT for indoor shoots (and outdoor too) and newborns/fresh 48s.  It’s just that perfect depth of field and low aperture.  I cannot wait to use it with clients!

And, HOLY SHARPNESS!  Seriously, it is SO SO SO sharp.  The low 1.4 aperture really allows for this and I’m absolutely LOVING the results I’ve been getting from the pics of my kids I’ve been taking!

I tested it out night one with bathtime and I was not disappointed…

I mean, seriously, I’m biased, but how darn cute are these kiddos?!  I love them so and this lens makes me snap some forever lasting SHARP memories of them!

Patrick actually jetted (via car) off on Thursday on spring break with his KiKi to Florida, so these are the last snaps I’ll have of him that I take for a while until he gets back!  I’m sure I’ll share some spring break/Florida pics of his adventures soon, but until then you’re left with these adorable bath snaps.

My new Tula donut blanket came this week too so obviously I had to snap some pics of Annie and Scoots lovin’ up on it and again, this lens just blows me away!  Obviously I’ve been playing around with my editing style (again!) so you can see the difference between the bath snaps and the donut blanket snaps, but yeah, I LOVE this lens.

Last night Ro had solo bathtime for the first time in a while so I took advantage of her cheery mood at bathtime (which is crazy cause she didn’t nap at all yesterday!) and snapped some more pics of her enjoying her bath!

Of course Annie couldn’t be left out either and she had to get in on some snaps as well, especially since it was bath night for her too!

So after I woke up today and got my hair chopped off I realized after some texts with my buddies Tiff and Lauren that it was St. Patrick’s Day and I should probably toss my kids that I had access to into some, naturally these were the results!

Since the green (June & January, naturally!) we had is more of a bright light green, I did some photoshop magic on it to make it more of a kelly green and OMG I wish J&J would release this color permanently in everything!  It’s so cute!

Anyways, that’s about all I’ve got for this photo dump/new lens post!  I am in love with it and can’t wait to see what I capture with it!  I have a newborn shoot tomorrow and cannot wait to test drive it out with a client!  Stay tuned!  Have a great weekend friends!

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