New Headshots

I needed to order some new business cards for Pics & Paws so Mike graciously said he'd snap some for me.  While the kids were still snoozing we darted outside to take a few pics -- Mike used his camera and I was armed with my two.

He used my 85mm lens (which I LOVE) and I think he captured some great headshot snaps for me!  Now the hard part is deciding which one(s) I like to use for new branding and business cards!

I've been playing around with my editing styles too and I've been obsessed lately with some new film presets I found from VSCO and I love them so!  I cannot wait to get back into my outdoor snappin' shoes oh-so-soon when I'm good and healed!  Fortunately my kiddos have been letting me keep up with my snap-happy fingers until it's session time.

That's all I've got for this fun little headshot post -- which, I just realized is one of the few posts I've done recently that haven't been centered around the kids!  HAHAHA!

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