Sunday Round-Up

Patrick is currently enroute back to STL (they’ll get back tomorrow afternoon) and I am SO EXCITED to see him!  I literally cannot wait.  I can’t wait to hear all about his trip and the beach and pool and everything else he did down there!  I’m sure he’s gonna be exhausted, and then has school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, so I bet come Friday he is just gonna be completely SPENT.  But I’m sure it’ll have been worth it!

My last post I talked about how much fun the little ladies and I were having at home, and this weekend was no exception to that -- we had a blast with oodles of girl time!

Friday I had a full day of snappin’ -- I had newborn snaps in the morning (for one of my brother’s best friends) and then Matt, Katie, and Lizzy’s pics (maternity, family, and Lizzy’s 3 year pics) in the evening!  Holy toledo, I am just over the moon with how each of these sessions turned out!  ^^^That pic of Lizzy lovin’ on her little brothers in her mama’s tummy might be one of my favorite pics I’ve ever taken.  I JUST LOVE IT!  Maybe I’ll get it blown up and framed for them… :)

Anyways, so Friday I was busy snappin’ and Mike and the girls came along with me to Matt, Katie, and Lizzy’s shoot so the big girls could have some playground time before we went to dinner.  Mike wore Annie and my heart melted into a billion pieces seeing him babywear!  I just love babywearin’ daddies and there’s no exception with Mike!  Hubba hubba!

I’ve been taking full advantage lately of Shutterfly’s free magnets they’ll put codes out for and I’ve successfully almost filled up our entire fridge with them!  Obviously I should start rotating some of them out but I just love all of them so much there aren’t any that I want to bid farewell to!  I need a giant magnet board somewhere else in my house to display them on.

Annie banannie has been super smiley lately (well, if you can catch her at the right time, usually when she first wakes up!) and I just love her dimpled little smirk SO MUCH!  I caught one on Saturday when she woke up in her Google onesie and it was like the cutest pic EVER.  I’m biased but she sure is the cutest!

However, she is not always all smiles; earlier this weekend I tried to get a cute pic of her and Scoots together and neither of them were having it!  HA!  Even Scooter was yawning at my picture request.  So typical.

On Saturday night our buddies Wes and Katie came over so Katie could get some baby snuggles in with Annie and Wes could play with Rosie (well, kind of, Rosie was being her typical sass pants self and not wanting to share with Wes (who’s only 10.5 months old!) so it was mostly me and Mike telling her to be nice and share with her friend.  Haha.

Anyways, Katie made Annie some freaking amazing onesies and OMG I could not wait to put her in them today!  I mean, they’re absolutely perfect, aren’t they?!  Annie wore her donuts one this morning to Lizzy’s party and is currently napping in her Scooter name one.  I love them so.  And love having amazing friends like Katie!

Speaking of Lizzy, we had her 3rd birthday party this morning (Patrick was sad he missed it) and Rosie had a grand ol’ time playing with her friends!  However, once it was time for presents (which also was right at Rosie’s nap time) she wanted the presents to be hers and would snatch them from Lizzy and just was not being very, we said our (quick!) goodbyes and headed out for some much needed naps for everyone, Mike included (since he worked last night, slept for a few hours, went to the party, then back to siesta-ing for him!).

No point to ^^^ those snaps other than they’re cute and I’m photo-dumping them on you.  And that last one of Rosie is day 85 (!!!) of my #mooneymatte365 2017 project that is still going strong!  Also another snap in portrait mode which is my FAVEEEE.

Speaking of photo dumps, I am officially OBSESSED with my new camera body and Sigma Art 35mm lens soooooo in between photoshoots I’ve been yanking it out for some snaps at our house because Rosie has shockingly been super cooperative lately in letting me take her picture!

I have about a billion more pictures but I’ve just included some of my favorites here for you.  My friend Tiff told me about these super cool Tribe Archipelago Lightroom presets and I’ve been obsessively using them on my snaps (especially indoor ones!) because they provide this deep, raw, and real moody look that I am totally diggin’ as of late.  I lately have been loving black and white pics more than color but with these presets I'm loving the color look over the black and white!  I feel like I keep getting better and better with both my snappin’ and editing, and I like to practice practice practice as much as possible!  I want to keep getting better and better so practicing in between {paid} client shoots is what I’ll keep doing.

So yes, super exciting times ‘round these parts!  I’ve loved having some serious girl time lately but I miss my main little man and cannot wait to see him tomorrow!  Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for this Sunday round up!  I have 6 weeks left of maternity leave and I know they’re going to fly by...gahhhh! I am trying to savor every teeny tiny second before I have to go back to work for a few weeks...but then that’ll hopefully go fast and BRING ON SUMMER!!  Have a great week friends!

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