Killing Time...

It's 9:45pm when I'm starting this blog post and I really REALLY want to be snuggled in my bed but NOPE.  Here I am blogging about the past couple days cause I am killing time.  Why you ask?!

^^^ That's why.  I pumped out 19oz this morning AFTER feeding Annie for just the second time since she last ate at 8:30pm (this was at 7am and I had last pumped at 10pm before I went to bed).  My oversupply is IN and in full force.  I literally was oh-so-happy when Annie started squawking at 7am cause my boobs were rock hard and hurt and needed to be emptied ASAP.  You see, I can't just go to bed whenever I feel like it -- no, now I try and go to bed as late as I possibly can (so I usually try and pump at the earliest at 10pm) so I sleep better and am less full when it's time to wake up and feed Annie.  Honestly, by 7am I am about to explode and the poor thing practically chokes with how fast my milk is coming out.  It's definitely not an awful problem to have, but just a wittle bit uncomfortable and makes me a pro at scheduling.

Anywho, that's why I'm sitting here later than my usual afternoon naptime blog sesh blogging before I pump and call it a night.

So!  Where to begin?!

These Snap Shop Trays are changing my shopping life.  I know I've talked about them before but I'm mentioning it again how wonderful they are and how NICE they making shopping with the diva queen Rosie.  She wants to ride IN the cart and actually stays occupied with her snacks.  And yes, much better than a snack cup cause this she can't launch across the store.  Win win.

Patrick got home Monday afternoon (a blog post all about his trip (well, as much as he's told me, so more like a photodump) will be coming soon.  Promise.) and Rosie was SOOOO excited to see him!  I mean, they started fighting and hitting and screaming about 5 minutes later, but yeah, both were super excited to see each other.  And I'm way jealous of his tan, btw.

Annie was pretty thrilled to see her big brother too -- and Patrick couldn't wait to hold his littlest sissy too -- for a few seconds then he was over it.  Typical.

Smiley then RB face Annie over here has been really showing her personality lately.  She is SO SMILEY on her changing table for some reason and then gives you the drop deadest looks other times.  We tried the Bumbo seat by the way and she wasn't a huge fan of that either...but she didn't cry either so it wasn't a total waste.  And sneezing is hilarious to her too, which is just adorable.  She is just the cutest and I love her smiles and serious faces so much!  Ignoring the fact that she'll be TWO MONTHS OLD on Friday.  Eeekkk.  That went fast.

This just made me laugh.  She can sit up so well...supported...for a few seconds.  Then BOOM.  She falls over like a chopped down tree.

And the littlest sister bear cannot hang at the dinner table!  Mike will grab her because she gets a bit whiny and fussy around dinner time each night and not 5 minutes after he's held her BAM.  She's out like a light.

We tried keeping her up tonight and she was having none of it.  When she's tired she's GONE.

My 365 matte project is still going strong and this was my snap from the other day and I love it so much.  It was even an iPhone pic too which I think makes me like it even more.  We have such good light in our entryway and front living room in the mornings and I took advantage of it for a rare snap WITH ME IN IT the other day.

We've started doing this shadow book for bedtime for the big kids and they LOVE IT.  So I looked on Amazon and there's like 10 more of them so now I know what I'm going to be getting Patrick for his birthday!  Which is awesome cause I don't want to get him a bunch of toys and they love this book so much it'll be nice to have some variety since we read it every.single.night.

So Rosie is completely obsessed with "baby" (which we keep reminding her baby has a name...which she knows but still calls her baby.  It's so funny.) and whenever she seems her she has to crawl up on you (or her) and give her a big puckered kiss.  This also happens in the bathtub too when they're having a sister bath and it just melts my mama heart.  I also like dressing them in matching colors and outfits too.  Having 2 girls is turning out to be really fun.

Just have to give a shoutout to my buddy Katie for this ahhhhhhmazing onesie she made Annie!  I know I talked about this before but I'm just sharing it again because it's just the cutest!

So Annie HATES the bottle.  Something happened in the past 2 weeks and she went from taking one bottle a day no biggie to not wanting it AT ALL and screaming and crying and acting like we're shoving our fingers down her throat when Mike tries to give it to her.  I just had to include a couple video samplings of this.  Yes, we've tried almost everything we can think of: 5 different types of bottles...different feeding being being gone...ugh.  Next up is we're going to try and give her one NOT at our house and have someone other than Mike give it to her.  Fingers crossed she takes it SOON cause I need to be able to leave her for more than 3 hours...and I do have to go back to work in less than 6 weeks!

We had a quick little after school playtime outside this afternoon cause it wasn't raining and was like 60 degrees out so I ran in and got my camera and snapped some pics of the kiddos having fun before Annie started wailing and needed to be fed.  After I fed her the older kids came inside and I showed Patrick his new cape (his other one is here somewhere but we've looked EVERYWHERE and seriously cannot find it!) so they modeled their TinySuperheroes capes for me for a few snaps I then sent over to my buddy Robyn to enjoy :)

So that's about all that has gone on around these parts!  Here is a super cute video of Goose with Annie from earlier is just the sweetest!  Goose says the funniest and sweetest (and sometimes not the most PC!) stuff and I decided to start chronicling her mumblings on Instagram at #ConvoswiththeGoose.  I hope I have oodles more to add in the coming days!

Anyways, that's all I've got!  We've entered 'busy season' as I call it -- within a little over a month's time we have Mike's birthday, Rosie's birthday, Easter, Patrick's birthday, and Mother's Day!  HOLY BUSY!  And holy expensive -- that's a lot of gifts to get!  And toss in my cousin's baby shower and a good friend's wedding in that time too...we are busy!  And this is one of the reasons I'm glad Annie was born at the end of January -- a couple months before 'busy season' (which will happen every year from here on out!) starts up.  Mike's birthday is Saturday, Rosie's is next Thursday, and then Easter like 10 days after that!  BUSY IS RIGHT!

That's all I've got for this post...which took me less than 30 minutes to write since it's only 10:12pm now and I'm past my 10pm limit from when I can start I'm done here, off to pump and hit the hay and hope Annie gives me a good 6-8 hours (as she's been doing pretty consistently the past week or so!) before she wants to eat.  Have a good one friends!

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