When Patrick's Away, The Girls Will Play

Ahhhh, Patrick is living it up with KiKi in Florida and the girls and I + Mike are jealously stuck back here in STL wishing we were there with him.  BUT!  We have a trip planned down south next December so we're trying to keep that in our sights that we'll be back soon enough, and bringing our entire flock + nanny (Kate) then which'll be chaotically fun I'm sure.

So!  While Patrick's gone I've been having fun with the girls, dressing them in adorable clothes I've snagged from a few places other than (gasp!) June & January.  My current other clothing obsession is Mitz Accessories -- Rosie and Annie both were sporting some of their new 'cooking' line and they are just too cute.  Annie also was showing off her "Love Your Guts" onesie from Mama Case Prints and her hand-me-down Cardinals onesie that was Patrick's (then Rosie's).  The last snap is a trio of bear clothes I can't wait to put all of them in once Patrick is back that I got from Zulily.  Whoever said dressing your kids isn't fun (it may have actually been me who's said that before...) LIED.  It's way fun.

I don't think I posted this gem of a video with my new lens post and I just HAD to share it.  Scooter is just OVER IT and Rosie's laugh is contagious!  I just love them so!

For St. Patty's Day on Friday we had a few of our friends over and ditched the kids (well, kind of...Patrick was in Florida and Rosie went to grandma and papa's) and we had such a great time!  Gosh, what a little adult time can do for you!  It was so great to hang with our buddies and get some real convos in!

Annie got a lot of snugglin' in that night and Rosie and Lizzy got to have a sleepover tea party girls date at grandma and papa's...I think everyone had a blast that night.

My dad got the seat we got him for Christmas put on his bike for Rosie to ride in and she was SO EXCITED to ride and LOVED it!

...loved it for about 15 seconds then SCREAMS AND SO MANY TEARS!  She wanted off.  To be fair she was in rare form that night so probably wasn't having any activities, but yeah, it didn't go well.  Hopefully we'll try it again and she'll love it then...fingers crossed.

OMG.  The RB faces Annie makes are PRICELESS.  They rival Rosie's for sure!  I sat her with Scoots the other night and recorded a quick video and I'm dying.  I've watched it like 100 times and she is all "BACK THE EFF OFF SCOOTER!" So darn funny.

My #mooneymatte365 project is going strong (today was day 79!) and I'm loving all of the pics I'm getting!  I cannot wait to see what this entire year's snaps look like when it's all done.  And!  Shocker!  But I haven't missed a day yet.  Thank you OCD.

I hope I'm not jinxing this but Annie slept EIGHT hours straight last night (8pm - 4am) and it was SO GLORIOUS.  I hope it keeps up and she never looks back because I woke up this morning and felt so refreshed and I was like "Yeah we can have 10 more babies because this is easy peasy."  Crazy how your mood changes when you get some much needed ZZZs!

Today it was almost 80 degrees (WHATTT?!! --and I actually just made Mike flip the AC on cause it was 81 in our house at 8:30pm and NOPE.  I'm hot and need to be cooled off!) so we took advantage and took the girls to the park!  Annie rode in the Tula and Rosie ran around and played and swung and went down the slide about a thousand times.  It was so much fun and both girls took 3 hour naps afterwards so I'd say the fresh air did them real good.

^^^ This is Rosie's new thing and I'm sure I've got my mom goggles on but I think it's the cutest thing EVER.  Yellow is her current favorite color and when you ask her what color something is she always replies yellow, and then when you correct her she'll say, "Oh yeah mommy."  It.is.hilarious.  And so darn cute!  I can't stand it.

I get stuff in the mail ALL OF THE TIME but rarely things FOR ME.  It's usually clothes and such for the kiddos.  Well today I got something FOR ME and I was so excited to get it!  I got my own Tula blanket -- Tula just came out with Cuddle Me blankets that are adult sized and I am LOOOOOOVING it so.  Especially sleeping tonight since it's a billion degrees in our house and I'll want a lightweight blanket.  WIN.

I'll end with that we took dinner up to the Pond tonight to eat with Goose and Charlie joined us!  Rosie was anti-Charlie when she woke up from her nap (because he was here helping me with some Pics & Paws website updates) but she warmed up to him and the pond and kept climbing up next to him to sit.  It was adorable.

Anyways, that's all I've got!  I'm missing Patrick like crazy but loving all of the pictures and videos I've been getting of his trip and love FaceTiming and talking to him on the phone about his adventures.  Hopefully I'll do a photo dump from his trip when he gets back to share those with you.

That's all I've got friends!  Happy Monday (night) and have a great week!

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