Alexandria Mooney Photography Mobile Presets

I shared this on my social media accounts, and again, just like my iPhone course I launched I felt like this deserved its own post too!

As hospitals and birth centers have taken extra precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and in turn have severely limited visitors and support persons to birthing families, a lot of my clients (for births and fresh 48s) are faced with not having their photographer able to be present to capture their new babe.  I absolutely understand these regulations and hope and pray we get past this virus faster than they’re calling for, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  My heart aches for my clients coming up that are probably not going to be able to get their birth and/or fresh 48 snaps.

Many families will be relying on their own devices to capture their new babe…and I thought this was the perfect time (and motivation!) to finally finish fine-tuning my mobile preset pack and launch it for families to purchase!  I’ve worked hard to perfect my mobile presets — these same presets I use to edit all of the photos I take and share on my iPhone.  My snaps have a moody vibe with rich, warm tones and heavy contrast to really bring out the details and emotions in your photos.  I have created three presets for my most common snappin’ situations: indoors, outdoors and hospital settings, and then a black and white preset which looks good anywhere!  I am especially partial to my hospital preset, as I just love what it does for those fresh new baby phone snaps! {swipe through for some before and afters!}

I’ve put my presets on sale on my website if you’d like to check them out...I used some of my own iPhone snaps from Teddy's birth to demo them on!

While I am hoping I am back in hospitals and birth centers oh-so-soon snapping these fresh babes, until then I hope my presets will allow families to take their own pictures and really enhance them using these perfectly crafted presets I’ve created just for them 😌

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