Killing Time

Why yes.  Yes we've had a lot of time on our hands lately...and what do I do when that happens?!  I get a snappin' itch and grab my camera.  And I feel like with my massive decrease of photoshoots as of late (and looking into the near future too), I'll be overloading myself more and more with these types of pictures.  Just packin' on the memory books as I see it ;-)

Annie really loves looking out the giant window in our room...and Mike came in as she was doing this and swooped her up for a few pics too and it was just the cutest.

Annie then ran and grabbed her new unicorn (they light up too!) headphones and clearly was super happy to show them off.

Then it was time for her to go, so off she ran...and I swooped up Ted and snapped some mirror selfies...which, dude.  He is 16+ pounds and my camera is like 5 pounds and I feel proud for this balancing act I did to snap these. Haha!

Mike then grabbed my camera from me and snapped some pics of Teddy and I...and the one where his spit is about to drop into my mouth is probably my favorite.  So gross.  But so real. haha!

And that, my friends, is my killing time photo dump for ya on this Friday morning.  Hope you enjoyed it.  More to come soon I'm sure. 

Hope you're staying busy and staying home ;-)

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