St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

Just 10 days ago I posted this and ohhhhhhh how I wish it was truly a media freak out and just a matter of washing your hands more.  So much has changed in the past 10 days and will continue to in the next and honestly I am teetering between anxiety and the unknown and all sorts of things. GAH.  I'm tabling this for now and I'll have a post later with more of my thoughts on that.

I wanted to dump some St. Patrick's Day snaps on ya (a couple days late.  Oops.) to hopefully brighten your inbox :)

While the big kids are hunkering down in Florida with KiKi, the little two kiddos are here in STL having a blast inside the house.  Which, if we weren't on a quarantine I don't know if things would look much different as the weather has been icky (sitting here pouring down rain as I type this) but neither have seemed to mind all of our inside time.

Mike has been on vacation this week but goes back to work Saturday and I am dreaddddddding it.  Worried about what he'll have to deal with, if there'll be lootings and riots, if he'll have to go to 12 hour shifts, what he'll bring home...GAH! So much. BUT, we have been savoring having him home with us for now :)

Knowing just the little two would be home on St. Pat's, I had ordered these "lucky charm" shirts from the wonderful Swanky Shank and had to do a little photoshoot with them to celebrate the holiday!  Unfortunately there were no parades, no bars open, nothing really 'celebratory' per usual...but I feel like we made the best of it.

I mean, aren't they the cutest??!  Annie took off so I had to get some pics of just Ted.

Then, just like a boomerang, Annie came back (she gets FOMO when I have my camera out!) and we got a few more pics of the little Mooney minions together.

Then she ran off again...and I heard her screaming from the family room she wanted to build a slide with the Nugget. Mmmmmmkay.  Slide it is!

This entertained her for a solid 7 minutes before she got bored and ran off to play with her dolls.  YOLO, right?!?!?

We then saw on social media to make a shamrock and put it on your window for anyone going on a shamrock hunt, so we did that and it was another successful 10 minute activity. She loved it though!

And honestly, this has kinda been our jam this week: some photos, short-lived activities, lots of iPad time (sue me)...and yeah.  Will probably be the jam for the weeks to come too.  I have to start prepping homeschool stuff for the big kiddos for when they get back from Florida...that will be interesting.  Haha.  I'm sure I'll bloggity blog about that too. 

Until then, stay safe friends...keep washing your hands and staying home! 

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