Driveway Chalk Art

We had such a fun day yesterday -- minimal screaming (haha, SUPER huge win) and actually cooperation and effort for our morning school work!  We had some rough mornings last week so I'm hoping that the kids settle into a routine (especially when it's just me solo and Mike is sleeping) and we have happy, productive school work mornings.  Fingers crossed.

Anyways, yesterday after we got our schoolwork done we went outside (GORGEOUS MORNING) and did some chalk art on the driveway!  I had been seeing some posts on social media about using tape to 'tape off' chalk blocks before you colored them and it went perfectly.  All of the kiddos participated -- but Patrick really did most of the work. haha.

They were SUPER impressed with their work and we even sent in some of these pics to the big kids' teachers!

Later in the day it was overcast (PERFECT!) and I got all of the kiddos out for some more snaps ON our chalk art!  THIS WAS SO MESSY.  They all were covered in chalk afterwards but SO WORTH IT, amiright?!  These might be some of my favorite snaps EVER!

Anyways, I'm sure we'll be doing oodles and oodles of more art projects in the weeks to stay tuned my friends.  Hope everyone is staying healthy and staying home!  It's almost April! WOOT!  Hopefully better days are ahead of us soon...

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