Bubble Bathin' with Annie

Annie LOOOOOOVES to take baths.  Like a lot.  She can sit in there and play with her bath toys (read: they're actually diving toys for the pool!) for HOURS it seems.

The other night I had the genius idea to get out some bubbles and blow bubbles at her while she was taking her bath.  SHE LOVED IT.  And has asked for them every.single.night. since.  "Mama can we do the bubbles again?!"  Teddy even loves having them in there when he's taking a bath with her too!

Well, I decided to hand off the bubble wand to Mike and snap some pics of Annie enjoying her 'bubble' bath.

Clearly took a million pics but felt like they were almost like a flip book looking at them and seeing how much she enjoyed the bubbles -- and snatching the wand and blowing them herself too.

I'm sure when the big kids get back we'll have to toss all of them in their for some sibling bubble pics! Stay tuned :) Maybe I should get them some bubble guns from the Easter Bunny... ;-) 

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