Wash Yo Hands

This Coronavirus stuff is for the birds.

Literally.  I am so so so sick of hearing about it and I feel like it's just begun.  I blame the media for hyping this up about five million times more than it should be, and because of that instilling fear and panic in people when it's just not warranted (yet?! ever?!?!).

Anyways, it's annoying and actually terrifying.  I'm not worried at all about the virus, but more so the impact it's having (because of the media I truly believe) on everyday life AND MY JOB.  I am so paranoid people won't book photos -- especially births, Fresh 48s, and newborns -- for fear of bringing an outsider into their space that could 'bring germs' with them.  I am terrified the hospitals are going to institute policies about visitors and therefore I'll be screwed about being able to go in and photograph a client's birth (or Fresh 48).  I am so hoping this doesn't happen (from what I've read thus far from hospitals around here is that they aren't limiting visitors or anything like that (yet?!)) and my business goes on as usual.  I still get nervous.  I'm praying this hysteria dies down, the media shuts up about stirring the pot with it, and that spring comes fast and gets rid of all of these germs here.

In the meantime...


Like this is a new concept.  Haha.  But seriously, wash them.  Wash them a lot.  Maybe more than normal, because it's okay to be extra cautious and keep them clean.

I posted this pic (how about that sparkle sunflare on Ro's hand I caught??!!) on social media today and definitely stand behind it -- seriously folks.  Wash your hands -- a lot.  And calm the heck down with this hysteria and stockpiling stuff and what not.  It's not warranted.  This isn't the Black Plague and I so wish the media would stop churning it up like it is.

Here's to hopefully just a friendly reminder from yours truly to wash your paws and warm weather and calmness regarding this coming SOON.  And obviously no work disruptions for me...because working for yourself in an industry that can change on a dime (i.e. with virus hysteria) is so nerve wracking and terrifying to think about the impact it 'could' have and gah.  I don't want to go there. So here's hoping this dies down and it's business as usual for all of us REAL SOON.  Fingers crossed.  And hands washed ;-)

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