5 Going On 15

Rosie is indeed 5...going on 15.

She got a homestyle haircut late last week and then her new romper (from Old Navy! so cute!) came and soooooooooo we had to pop outside for a few snaps to show them off.

We stayed mostly in the shade during these high noon pics...which turned out SO CUTE on the path!  Golly she really does look way older than her young five years, doesn't she?!??!

I think snapped some very intense sun pics too, which I usually detest snapping at this time of the day (so many harsh shadows and sun!) but I'm actually digging how these turned out!

Clearly am reallllllly missing snapping.  Hahaha!

Anyways, cheers to my little 5 year old...and a week from now I'll be in major denial that my oldest is SEVEN!!! How the heck did that happen!?!?

Have a great weekend my friends!

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