Rosie is FIVE!

Rosie turned 5 on Monday and I am justttttt getting around to bloggity blogging all about her big day.  It's been quite a week...and I get absolutely nothing done with all of the kiddos home allllll day long and Mike sleeps.  So, yeah.  Here we are almost a week later and I'm doing some big time blogging to get caught up!

So I posted about Ro at 5, and now I want to share a bit about what her birthday this year -- her pandemic birthday -- included!

Last Sunday, April 5th, right before the mandatory statewide stay at home order went into place my mom orchestrated a birthday parade of Rosie's friends and family to drive by and honk and wish Rosie a happy birthday!

To say she loved it would be an understatement!  She's still talking about it and loved all of the signs and such people made -- and of course the presents too!  She got to open them nice and safely distanced from some spectators in the driveway and she was just in heaven with all of the toys and such she got.

On her actual birthday she woke up and got birthday donuts that KiKi brought up for her -- custom ones that she got to decorate herself!

She looooooved that and so did Patrick and Annie too helping her out decorating.

We then went and let her tear into her presents...

...and I don't think she even realized what a different type of birthday this was.  And it was actually kinda nice, because she got to open presents and just play.  All day long.  No worry about school or other activities for anyone: just a day all about Rosie!

Annie on the other hand was on the struggle bus...

...birthdays are hard when they're not yours and the presents aren't either.  Haha!  Poor thing!  Rosie was so good to her in letting her play with some of her presents - specifically her Anna doll.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Erin rolled by to wish Rosie a happy birthday and gave her the coolest present: Elsa shoes and a crown and a microphone!

She's such a hoot, isn't she?!

After a day full of playing with all of her new toys, we finally got to dig into her cake (yes, even though her party got canceled I still got her a cake from our favorite bakery) and oh boy, what a cake she had!

All in all, Rosie had a wonderful 5th birthday -- and truly I don't think she minded (or noticed!) one bit the circumstances in which her birthday fell this year.  I just hope and pray when #6 rolls around for her we get to be back actually celebrating with family and friends.

Stay safe everyone -- and thanks for making her birthday so wonderful and special!

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