Springy Spring Spring

Ahhhh, spring has finally set in here.  It's been warmer more days lately than it's been colder -- and for nearly mid-April, I guesss that's the weather we should be seeing!  We even had a few 80 degree days last week and it made us allllllmost want to set up our new pool we got! HAHA!

First off, thanks mom for making us some COVID19 masks :) Teddy's is solely for a picture -- that kid has had enough breathing troubles in his life we definitely don't want to add to it! HAHA!

As the days melt into each other and honestly I have no clue what day it is or heck even what day in April it is...I am happy that the weather has been nice so much so we've been able to get outside a ton and play.  I think the kids are kinda sick of our usual routine with going on walks and playing in the yard...but we've explained to them as nicely as we can that this is our jam for now and we need to just embrace and enjoy it.  And I'm mostly typing that out to remind myself of that because this shit has been hard for me too.  I need to blog a separate post about that too sometime...

Anywayssssss...yay spring!  Thought I could do a little photo dump of our springtime fun thus far...

Despite the kids saying they're bored and don't like to play outside some days, once we do get out there they love it and have a blast and are making up all sorts of games and such to keep themselves busy.

I will say I need to get better about busting out my big camera more (until I can get my clients and families back in front of my lens!) and not so much just my phone.  New goal for the quarantine weeks to come!

Although I did snap some pics late last week and I just adore the way they turned out -- even if they were taken in super harsh sunlight! haha!  Glad the kiddos still let me snap away and are mostly cooperative about it.

We have had one major injury thus far...


Now this guy got 3+ years of love and a lot of hard use...so I can't be too mad, but what a time for it to break, huh?!?!?  She was devastated and I've never heard her scream lounder.

Sooooooo, off to Micro Kickboard's website to order her a new (very nice!) one...hoping that sucker gets here sooner than later cause she's dying without her beloved scooter!

Anyways, that's about all we've been up to lately with our springy spring spring time -- hoping and praying daily we are out of this quarantine and on our way back to normal life before too long.  Gosh we miss it SO MUCH!!!! Stay safe my friends!

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