Teddy at 5 Months

Welp friends.  Here we are -- 5 months into Ted's first year of life!  Cannot believe my next post will be HALF A YEAR and I truly cannot CANNOT believe we're even approaching that milestone! GAH!  BUT!  Not there yet so let's just savor in the fact that he's not a half a year old yet and just a teeny tiny 5 month old little babe for now :)

This dude turned 21 weeks old on Monday...so I present you weeks 1 - 21 collage for your viewing pleasure.

Anddddd we took a stupid amount of monthly pics (per usual) in his adorable monthly Swanky Shank onesie.

Gosh I'm so biased but goodness he is just so darn cute!!

What's funny is we just had his 4 month checkup on Monday and bam!  Here he is at 5 months old not even a week later!  We don't go back to the doc till after 6 months soooooo here's your favorite official 5 month part: mom stats!

  • Teddy weighs 17 pounds and 1 ounce and is just a shade under 27 inches long (I feel pretty accurate in that assumption because we just had his very late 4 month appointment on Monday!).  I'd say he's growing like a weed and has definitely surpassed doubling his weight already before 6 months.
  • Ted wears mostly 6-9 month and 9 month clothes.  I'd say most are roomy weight-wise but length wise are definitely getting snug.  He's a long dude!
  • This past month Teddy has really started sleeping ahhhhhh-mazingly awesome.  He averages around 12-13 hours of sleep a night and rarely makes a peep overnight.  Definitely didn't have any 4 month sleep regression over here (so looks like we're 4/4 for Mooney kids not feeding into that statistic! woot!)
  • I posted last month that naps were hit or miss and something clicked a few weeks ago and we are on a glorious GLORIOUS schedule now for sleeping both overnight and for napping!  Teddy usually sleeps 8pm - 8am and then dozes off for maybe 10 or 15 minutes in the morning but is usually wide awake and playing...and then come noon he is hangry and tired and goes to sleep for a nap around 12:30pm until 3 or 3:30pm.  He's been doing a solid 2.5-3 hour nap every day for the past couple of weeks and it's been just wonderful!
  • Thanks to the Coronavirus and giving us lots of time and home, we decided to move Ted into his room with Patrick sooner than we were planning on...and it has gone AMAZING.  So so so good and neither of them have woken each other up overnight.  Patrick goes in there so quietly when it's time for bed and they both wake up about the same time in the morning.  It's been awesome and I hope it keeps up!
  • Has officially ditched the pacifiers and is a full on 100% thumb sucker now, just like all of his big siblings.  It is awesome to have a built-in self-soother for him and I think totally helps him with his long stretches of sleep.
  • Can roll over!  Will do back to belly but hasn't done belly to back...yet.  We totally suck with tummy time so that's probably part of why he hasn't yet...but I'm sure he will soon.  This next month I am hoping he can start mastering that and work on my favorite baby milestone: sitting up!
  • Baby Einstein very much holds his attention for 15-20 minutes which is wonderful when I need to get something done.  All of his big siblings loved this too so it's only fitting Ted does as well.
  • Still looooooves to nurse and does so about 95% of the time.  He gets mayyyyybe 2 bottles a week.  Yikes.  Definitely my most passionate nurser!  Hahaha! But I blame Coronavirus keeping us all home and limiting how many bottles he gets.
  • We've been doing a ton of walks lately and Teddy LOVES them.  Loves to ride in the stroller or Tula and is the happiest baby when we're out walking.  Definitely loves being outside.
  • Teddy has the best smiles and giggles and can almost do it on command!  He is the cutest little guy with his killer dimples and a laugh that literally melts your heart.
  • All 3 of his big siblings are completely obsessed with him and I think the feeling is mutual for Teddy too.  They all love each other SO MUCH and it is truly the cutest thing ever to watch them interact with one another.
  • Nicknames still include: Ted, Tedster, Mister Tedster, Mister, Mister Man, Tedward, Teddy Bear, Bug, Teddy Graham...the ones I can think of for now! haha!
  • Is still the happiest, easiest, most docile and sweet babe EVER and we just love him to pieces!
And now my most favorite part: comparison snaps!

And lastly, all of the kiddos at 5 months old!  How similarly different they all look, huh?! And I'm still impressed with how my photo taking skills have improved over the years. HAHA!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for Teddy at 5 months old!  Oh little Ted, what a dreamboat you are!  We cannot wait to keep watching you grow and grow this next month little man!  We love you so so so much! 

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