Patrick Snaps!

I know I keep his Snaps by Patrick account up to date with his pics he takes (and asks to post), but I feel like it's been a minute since I posted about his pics!

Patrick has really been loving snapping with my camera (or iPhone) lately -- and I LOVE seeing what he's captured!  

The annual Shoot & Share contest opens soon (later start this year) and a friend told me I could create an account for Patrick and enter his snaps for his own entries -- so I'm doing just that!!  Thus far here's what he's entering...

He's got 20 pics picked out thus far and hopefully we can come up with another few (or 30! haha!) to enter!

Lately he's loved snapping pics of Teddy, and while he 100% snaps these on his own, I help him post-process and edit them too.

Here's a few of his recent snaps...gosh I just love seeing life through his eyes!

I am sooooo curious to see how his pics do in Shoot & Share this year...I have high hopes for them though! Obviously bad mom blinders on, but I really do think he's got some amazing pics!  Stay tuned to see how he know I'll be giving you an update soon!!

Keep snappin' away buddy...and everyone else too!  If nothing else, we can absolutely use this time to document document document! :)

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