1SE: May 2020

Ahhhh, another month of 2020 down.  Although honestly it feels like it's still March and we're on like day one million.  This year is so weird and so fastly-slow at the same time. Also in denial that Ted is going to be 7 months old on Thursday. HOWWWWW?!??!!

Anyways, yay for another month of this wild year DOWN.  May looked about the same as the months before: lots and lots of home time.  Although with the official stay home orders lifted we've been slowly venturing out more (so anxious for more things to open!) and hopefully this summer we'll have a bit more variety to these one second a day clips than just at home at home at home everything.

Andddd, while I've got you here, we are 152 days deep into 2020, so I've got a funsie little January - May collage for ya!

See ya later May...not gonna miss you at all.  Hopefully lots of fun things AND OPEN THINGS will be had in June!! Stay tuned my friends ;-)

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