Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Oh my goodness, what an absolutely perfect Memorial Day Weekend (which apparently is called MDW now and I'm so confused cause I thought that was the Midway - Chicago airport code...) we had!

We darted down to KiKi's Lake for the day -- Patrick had been there for several days already and I think he was so excited for us to come down (read: Teddy) to see us and get his family fix before sending us off and he continue his probably summer-long adventure at the lake.  Since summer camps have been canceled, our kiddos have zero plans so I'm sure we will be at KiKi's A LOT.

Once we got down there Mike went to bed cause he worked all night and Kate and I took the 4 kiddos to the pool.  I brought my GoPro and I'm so glad I did...they clearly had a blast!  Patrick and I were twinning in our matching Survivor shirts too :)

Teddy was getting fussy and sleepy around noon so he and I left to go back and get him some food and milk and take a nap.  The kids stayed at the pool with Kate, and their lake besties came so they had a blast playing with them.  I ran some lunch back up to them and then they went back to swim for a bit before heading back to to Kate's house...where they played outside on the lake mat for what seemed like hours!  Mike got up and joined them on the mat for a bit too.

Ben and Erin and Charlie and Giselle came down along with my parents and it was just the most perfect afternoon. 

It was hot but the kiddos didn't mind -- they sure loved playing in the lake and riding on the golf cart!

We snapped some pics, had a wonderful dinner of pork steaks and Kate's famous mac and cheese, and ended the day with sno cones before heading back to STL.  The kiddos were SO GOOD and truly it was an absolutely perfect Memorial Day. I think we'll have a lot of these same type of days, even the just day trip ones, a bunch this summer.  And it will be just perfect, our own little escape from the craziness that is happening back home.  We are so happy we have KiKi's Lake to go to and a pool that's open too! HAHA!  I hope everyone had a great MDW!!  Have a good one friends!

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