My Mother's Day Treat

First off, I've totally SLACKED (again! GAH!) on the blog front -- it's actually been a busy past couple of weeks being back snapping SO I've slacked SO MUCH on keeping the blog updated.  But, haven't really missed much: still home, kids still not in school, still driving each other crazy.  The usual!

BUT I had to break my blog-less streak to share my Mother's Day gift.  All I asked for this year was for some updated pics of Mike in his police uniform with the kiddos (and them in their thin blue line shirts) and oh boy!  Did they all deliver for me!

Naturally I snapped the pics so I wasn't in them (totally fine -- you know me and my love being behind the camera!) but man. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!  And clearly ^^^ torn on the color or black and white edit with my favorite snap from the night.

We got pictures of Mike and the kids altogether, and then some with each kid solo and some with just the boys and just the girls.

My heart just swells looking at these and I kinda want to print them and hang them everywhere!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little photo dump -- we sure love our blue family!

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