May the Lord Open...This Banana

My favorite purchase during these pandemic times has been commercial-less Hulu.

We've never had Hulu (we have every other streaming service it seems so didn't think we *needed* another one. Oh how wrong we were. haha!) and since we were spending so much time at home, I decided to get it since one of my most favorite shows ever, Malcolm in the Middle, was on it.

Welp it took me less than 3 weeks to watch all 8 seasons of Malcolm in the Middle. It was just as good as I remembered it.

I then decided I'd start The Handmaid's Tale, as everyone was raving about it and there were only 3 seasons to watch before the next one started in the fall.  Welp, that took me less than 2 weeks to watch all of them and ohh.emm.gee.  It was so darn good!  Like I cannot CANNOT wait for the next season!

I was browsing Etsy one day and came across this onesie for Teddy, and, welp, I HAD TO GET IT.

I'm dying.  It's so good.  I love how he was holding a banana too -- totally wanted me to open that!  HAHA! 

Also, since we were outside for our impromptu little shoot, I had to snap some pics of his adorable little summer feet in the grass and goodness.  He is just so deliciously handsome!

And I'm adding these sitting up pics too (he's officially sitting up! WOOT!!)...cause it's the exact same edit as the above ones, just from a different angle and holy cats what a difference the grass coloring is from how he's laying and sitting!

Praise be friends.

Have a good one.  Stay healthy out there!

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