Patrick, Rosie & Annie's Last Day of School

I usually do a separate post for each of the kiddos at the end of their school year...but, this year end is unlike any one we've ever had (and hopefully will ever have again)...and, well, I'm depressed as hell it ended like this for my kiddos and am just putting all of their 'end of the school year' post together as one.

Hoping and praying when we start the new school year in 3 months that we're back to normal, back AT SCHOOL, and everyone is back having their own pictures taken, own blog posts bloggity blogged, and allllllll of those wonderful things that come along with being AT SCHOOL.  I don't think I've ever prayed for anything harder, especially since summer camps just got canceled for the summer too.  Boo hiss.

So!  The 2019-2020 school year is officially over, with all of 4th quarter having happened at home.  Patrick did e-learning on his iPad, and it went probably as well as it could have gone.  Rosie's last part of pre-k happened on Zoom twice a week, with limited activities done at home (that's my fault; sorry, Patrick was the focus! haha!), and Annie just continued to live her life and try everything and was just happy to see her Parents' Day Out buddies once a week on Zoom.  Not gonna lie, I'll be happy if we never have to use Zoom again.  My kids are awesome but they NEED TO BE at school.  Need to be in the classroom with their peers and friends and I am praying that for them (and so many others!) that happens in August.

Despite pandemic times, these big kiddos of mine had a great school year.  They learned SO MANY THINGS (Patrick is officially a reader and writer now!!) and made so many new friends and honestly, love love LOVE going to school so much.  I think they did enjoy 'homeschool' but honestly preferred actually BEING in their building.

We kept with tradition and did a little shoot to honor the end of the year with their boards and backpacks (yes, I made them put their backpacks on for pics! HAHA!) and goodness, looking back on their first day posts (Patrick's here, Rosie's here, Annie's here), they have all grown so much!

Had to throw some comparison snaps in here for ya.

Here's to the end of a good school year, and hopefully onto a great year of 2nd grade, Kindergarten, and 3s preschool for these kiddos! WOOT!

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