Teddy at 6 Months


Seriously.  I ask myself this everyday -- because somehow as slowly as my pregnancy crept by and as painfully slowly as the past 2 months of quarantine seemingly has, Teddy is growing at warp speed and here we are celebrating a whole half a year old with our sweet little rainbow babe. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

I'm still baffled truly with how fast it has gone.  Today is a Monday so not only is he exactly 6 months old but he's also 26 weeks old too!  How fun is his little weekly growth collage?!

And, keeping with tradition and me being slow slow slow for snapping, I present you with Teddy's little 6 month photo dump.  Golly he's so darn cute and just a little dumpling!  And we had TWOOOOO onesies to do this month cause Swanky Shank had this adorable half birthday one I couldn't resist snagging and snapping some pics of him in too! #yourewelcome

Seriously.  He is so darn cute.  Those dimples and little smirk just kills me!

We don't head back to the ped for his 6 month appointment for another several weeks (so closer to 7 months), so just some fun #momstats for ya right now! SO EXCITING!

  • Teddy weighs 19 pounds -- which is crazy cause he was so much tinier than the big kids at birth and now he's bigger than Annie was at 6 months and within a pound of Patrick and Rosie! CRAZY!
  • Guessing here, but Teddy is about 28 inches long -- definitely a big kiddo!
  • Ted wears primarily 9 month clothes -- a few 6-9mo fit him and 6-12mo as well, but some of those he's growing out of quickly cause he's so long!  I'm betting in another month he's in 12mo clothes (kinda hoping cause that's what sizes I've gotten him for this summer!)
  • I *think* he's teething?!?! I feel like he's drooling a million times more than usual and putting everything in his mouth as much as he can.  It's only my 4th kid to get to this point SO WHAT DO I KNOW but I'm betting in the next month we see some toofers pop through.
  • Still an amazing sleeper!  Usually passes out about 7:30pm and sleeps till around 8am the next morning!  A few times in the past couple of weeks he's had some random 3 or 4am wake ups and he usually just eats for maybe 10 minutes and then is back to sleep.  I think his teeth are definitely bothering him which has prompted these wake ups.
  • Dude takes one nap a day (woot!!) usually from 12:30 - 2:30/3:30.  Sometimes will fall asleep for an hour, wake up and whine for a minute then back to sleep for another hour or two.  Recently has decided to sleep on his belly and he seems to really love that.
  • No food yet!  We started giving him puffs and he seems pretty meh about them.  I feel like the bigger kids expressed a ton of interest in what we were eating and that was our cue to start food and Ted really hasn't done that yet...so no food yet.  Maybe sometime in the next month or so...we will see. I'm in zero hurry.  Things are so much easier sans food. haha
  • With that said, dude LOVES the boobs.  I'd say he nurses 7-8 times a day during the 12 hours or so he's awake.  He looooooves that milk!  Since we've been home SO MUCH he's gotten maybe a bottle or two (yikes!) but still seems to take it from Mike no problem so yay for that. I have zero plans to wean him (even at a year...gonna just go as long as he wants cause LAST BABY!) so definitely enjoying this little bond we have.
  • Been in his big crib and big boy room for well over a month now and does SO WELL!  No problem at all having P in there with him (Patrick does go in to bed after Teddy falls asleep) so it's actually worked out so well!  Cannot wait to see these brothers in their sleeping spaces as Ted gets older!
  • Is a rolling over pro back to belly...not so much the other way. Haha! I'm sure he can do belly to back, I've just yet to see it happen! I'm sure it'll come soon though.  He seems to flip over to his belly ASAP when I set him down on his back.
  • Not sitting up yet...we're working on it!  Hopefully in another few weeks he'll get it -- it's my favorite baby milesone!
  • Loves to talk and make a ton of noise.  Lots and lots of baby babbling going on lately!
  • Really loves going on walks (and being work in the carriers too!) -- we've been doing a ton of these lately and Ted seems to enjoy them.
  • Pacifiers are officially gone and dude is 100% a thumb sucker just like all 3 of his big siblings!  It's his go-to self soother and I am so thankful for that.
  • Oodles and oodles of smiles and giggles from our littlest dude -- his giggle is the best thing EVER.
  • Teddy loves to be held; doesn't like to be set down for long.  I think a big part of this is basically being home and with me 24/7.  Attachment is reallllll strong with this one. haha!
  • So obsessed with his siblings -- they can get a giggle or laugh out of him instantly and it's the best thing EVER!
  • Nicknames still include: Ted, Tedster, Mister Tedster, Mister, Mister Man, Tedward, Teddy Bear, Bug, Teddy Graham...the ones I can think of for now! haha!

And now your (my!) favorite part: comparison snaps!

And finally, all of the big kiddos and Ted at 6 months old!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for Teddy at 6 months old.  Tomorrow he'll be closer to 1 than he is to his birth day and I'm trying not to think of it cause I just get too emotional with how fast it's gone! AH!  Ted you are just a little dream boat and we love love love you so so so much!  Until month 7 friends: adios!

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